Official EVO commentors poll

Don’t put mike Ross and LTG together.

Max with keits would be my choice - a commentator and an analysis. Truthfully though I don’t mind as long as the games are hype lol

Yeah, that would be me!

ive done commentary with Keits a few times. It’s usually a good time.

I did commentary last EVO with Maximilian and Godspeed. I enjoyed that quite a bit.

Not sure if I’ll do it this year. But who knows! Honestly, the last few years have been not good to my voice. So talking for that long really aggravates a problem that has persisted for a few years.


Oh ok, glad we figured that out lol

I totally understand why you might not want to commentate at EVO if you are having voice/vocal problems and wouldn’t blame you a bit for skipping on that. I hope your voice issue gets better for you man, and if we miss you at EVO maybe we can catch you on the July character stream/breakdown if you guys have one!

As long as Sajam is on the mic, I’m good with any pairing. The guy knows the most about the game and says little nuggets of strategy that tend to sneak past other commentators. He has worked hard on his commentary over the last year to be one of the best in the FGC, and his enthusiasm for KI over the last 2 years should be rewarded with an EVO top 8.


I can’t help but agree. Sajam has been doing a fantastic job on the mic for KI and I think he is one of the very best for the job. Not only does he understand the game extremely well, but he has personality to him as well and knows how to keep people that are new to KI listening and makes it easy for them to understand. He also has great analytical skills and is able to deduce things in matches way before others do. He’s a great commentator and not just for KI, but for anything he commentates. Definitely would love to hear him at some capacity at EVO.


SAY JAM!!! That’s all I really need. The dude’s overall presentation is top notch. Throw in Mr. Chen for good measure too :thumbsup:

Yep, Sajam and James Chen would be the best pair imo…