Official 3.6 PD Changes Discussion

This thread is for official, thoughtful discussion of the new PD / Breaker changes appearing in version 3.6 tomorrow. Please put in some time with the changes before you settle on your final judgements, and feel free to use this thread to discuss the change. The devs will be reading.



That was quick.

1st reply(damn it)

I realized that Cinder’s Inferno was gonna receive a PD nerf. I’m am saddened by the fact it no longer builds me the ridiculous meter anymore either. Have to adapt now. Still, the tradeoff on being combo broken for half PD should be pretty worth it.

I’ll be actively working with RAAM and Jago of course. I don’t think Jagos changes will be as significant as I will just have to learn that his abusive playstyle has to be better refined. RAAMs trade seems well, I just wonder if my opponent will work harder to run away or be less afraid of me during Instinct. This will be fun, feels refreshing.

going in, hate it.

C-C-C-C-COMBO BREAKER!!! is KI’s signature, what makes it the best fighting game out there, don’t want it to be just another fighting game …

… players great at breaking SHOULD be near-invincible

Is there someone in the IG offices that is just pummeling keits with Mira or something?

I will wait and see. It’s rather interesting to say the least.
I am looking forward to being able to pick up some extra damage from leftover PD. Always hate seeing wasted potential (pun intended), and having a longer period for PD to go down will help.

This is not thoughtful discussion or feedback.

We believe that the PD / Breaker change actually helps theory-optimal Mira play the most out of the entire cast.

oops, hit reply before finishing thoughts, edited now.

Question from the audience.

If hitting ARIA while she’s recovering PD in her standby bodies…does the penalty of regen restarting still apply to her then or did you guys change it so that even if she’s being hit the PD still recovers on her standby bodies without restarting?

man, both players in danger, both players great combo breakers …

with constant C-C-C-C-COMBO BREAKER!!!s going off, … it’s great for players, great for spectators, great for Killer Instinct.

this PD to 50% is gonna take all that way :frowning:

When PD reaches the end of the life bar and the opponent keeps taking hits after that, will the CB PD recovery factor in that or is PD’s cap the same as the maximum HP of that life bar?

I hoped they will fixed the SL crash, s i can finally start the Eyedol quest…

It seems i’ll wait a next update for that :frowning:

then i am not playing her theory optimally, i guess. I’m trying so hard to make her work, and gotta say, most of my damage came from the 1 instinct i usually get per match (as someone breathing on me wrong sometimes leads to a lifebar… and i actually do try to play super health conscious). Anyways, straight form the lion’s mouth, huh Keits? I’ll take her to ranked today and try and see if i could get a “theory optimal” flow going. Appreciate the reply (and all the work in general)

what the moments in Killer Instinct that make you feel your male demographic virtual power? (sorry, ladies)

  • breaking combos
  • counter breaking combo breakers
  • shadow counters

NOT getting your level 4 ender :frowning:

I want to feel like a big man by playing Killer Instinct :frowning:

announcer might as well yell out “L-L-L-L-L-L-LEVEL 4 ENDER!!!” at end of combos :frowning:

This thread is for thoughtful discussion of the changes after you play them. Not for panic you already posted in the thread proposing this change that IS happening. Stay on topic, last warning.

Still bummed for Raam but who knows, maybe it’ll be worth it to pop instinct outside of a lock out now.

For omens DD change did you guys consider keeping his invulnerability on start up but instead when he gets broken he’d lose 50% or more of his pd or was this still too powerful for him.

About ARIA, i think now that she recovers less damage, she could need a faster body change motion. That is generally my main concern about changing bodies, i am afraid that i lose too much time. Could she change bodies also in the air?

About PD changes in general i think it is good because now there is a lot of breaking experiense. Let’s see