Official 3.6 PD Changes Discussion

I dunnno about faster MBS…I kinda like my setups I have for it. A MBS in the air…Hmmmmm I could get behind that. Maybe even calling assists in the air too.

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Yeah I’m wondering if a small buff like this will be necessary for ARIA in the future. When you take the time to switch bodies, you’re pretty much always giving up significant pressure and spacing that you could be starting/maintaining otherwise.

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Well actually…it depends.

I think for Cinder it’ll be much harder with his burnout enders meaning it may be a bit harder to do damage now to some degree. Not sure how that would compensate…I GUESS the 50 percent damage reduction is reasonable in the PD?..IDK All I can say is: Glacius DID NOT need a cold shoulder buff especially since it hurts already.

However this is something I’ll have to play with before I become adjusted fully.

if she could also teleport during body changing (not far, as long as a dash or a backdash) would it be too much?

Of course.

It does less damage during combos but does more to start a combo. So…yeah you know…so I guess that means his damage took a hit for his lockouts. I mean you don’t see many glacius; start a combo (willingly) with CS.

Ask my brother : U @Justathereptile I don’t think Glaciud needs a buff to cold shoulder still it was fine as it was, even though it hurts to get hit by it.

Well it’s a buff for me. So I’m not complaining.

Of course you wouldn’t : U

I don’t play glacius either…

i think news were bad for glacius in this update. sh.cold shoulder opener is very very rare. complete opposite way linker is basically his stronger weapon.

Trust me, if you fight my brother at close range he will not hesitate to slam his frosty shoulder into you. This is more or less just badnews for me.

Still only thing I don’t like aside from Glacius getting an uneeded buff to a move that was already good was Cinder’s PD getting reduced because he doesn’t build much damage to begin with.

Unless of course, you Shadow Counter.
So this update also makes Glay Glay’s SC more powerful

i would be happier if they made the opposite changes :sweat_smile:

Again, his combo damage took a hit so he won’t be hiting as hard during combos like he used too with it. Plus, 15%…that’s like…a 1% increase in damage for the opener version. Linker version…probably something more. That and it’s hitbox bug got fixed as well.

PD for burning was reduced by 30%. overall PD after breaking reduced to 50%. plus 2 seconds. i think this is a buff for cinder.

Only way to know is to play till then, I’ll consider it a nerf.

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44% is too much! I guess 22% would do the math with pd. Im really sad for Cinder to getting weaker than weaker through these tight nerfs. It doesnt worth the gamble with pd if burnout doesnt deal proper damage. Cinder used to be cool but its getting really boring to main this character. Guess i’ll have to drop him as one of my mains…

I think I screwed up opening this thread before the changes went live. I’ll open a new one when they do.