Okay, so I suspect that this post will be flagged, but at least allow me to make my point 1st…

I woke up this morning and found 5 posts of mine were flagged, almost all for being off topic, and rightfully so. Admittedly I was upset, but not because of the flagged posts, most of which were perfectly harmless (like thanking someone for teaching me a new word) - but rather for all of the posts from other regulars that were similarly off-topic and NOT reported.

If this isn’t a sign of the target on my back or the hypocrisy that occurs in this forum, I don’t know what is…

So, I decided to take action. I figured if people don’t like me to go off-topic, I won’t let them either. I chose a single thread, and decided to flag EVERY POST from others that was off-topic, but not flagged. I flagged well over 50+ posts before the system told me I reached my daily allotment of flags.

The simple fact that I find that many off-topic posts in a single thread unflagged, but that many of mine often are is very disconcerting and very one-sided. I even found 15 off-topic posts (and not in the off-topic sub-forum, mind you) about pizza! PIZZA for crying out loud! I’m starting to feel like a black guy around cops, and I don’t like it.

I don’t mind getting flagged though. I really don’t. Most of the time it’s justified. I just ask that if you’re going to flag me, that you even the playing field by also flagging others that go off-topic, because not doing so is a flawed, biased, and unfair setup that plays favorites - and I cannot, and will not, abide by that.

If you’re going to flag me for even the smallest of things, do it for everyone - go all out! Use that daily flagging allotment!

If you don’t want to, that’d be fine, I suppose. Asking you to do so, after all, is nonsensical and unrealistic. Nobody wants to take the time to do that.

But if you’re not going to flag every post, or at least put more consideration into how off-topic others can be (just like me), then I simply, and ever-not-so-humbly ask you to…

Back the ■■■■ off!

That is all.

TLDR - There is a real problem with how this forum works, and I’m creating awareness of that problem. If you report this thread without reading it and/or not contributing to the ON-TOPIC conversation 1st, you are a part of that problem. If that happens, that means there is no hope and I may consider leaving the community, which is what I’m sure many of you actually secretly want. If I do that, I’m sorry I’ll miss your celebration.

EDIT: Since @FinchoMatic saw fit to lock my thread and therefore be a hypocrite and contribute to the problem, feel free to continue this discussion with me in PMs…

Online bullies Geek. lol

My advice is hide in the shadows. Be write, less noticeable, just dont respond to every argument, let it go. Do this and you will see a difference…trust me.

I like pepperoni pizza, what pizza do you like? I like pizza from Johny’s and Cafe Roma (R.I.P) LOL

If you find a post to be off-topic, just pm a mod.

[quote=“FallofSeraphs76, post:2, topic:18118”]
Online bullies Geek. lol
And people say online bullying doesn’t exist? Yeah right…

While that may be more effective, I think it takes too long.

This forum could use shoutbox.

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Oh i believe it… Im not poking fun. It exists becasue there are no consequences to those that do it. KI facebook page is loaded with them.

Dude, if you’re talking about the pizza conversation in the “this is why I’m leaving KI” thread, that whole thing was a series of off topic posts. It was basically a dumpster fire from the beginning, so I’d consider that an exception, but that’s just me.

FWIW, I’ve never flagged any of your posts as being off topic. I actually like to see the conversation wander a bit at times. I enjoy some of the light social aspects, side conversations etc that can be relatively germane to the topic or even stray a little, and I think the mods do a great job of reigning people in when they go too far.

Sorry someone felt the need to flag a bunch of your stuff though. That’s kind of obnoxious IMO.


Tagging prominent forum members and regualrs to help bring about awareness:
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@FinchoMatic @FinchoMatic @Fnrslvr @GeneralScrebor @hyperpyro12345 @Iago407 @iDoMusic4Media @ItzTymeToDul @JouksNetlander @JEFFRON27

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I’ve had lots of posts flagged mostly for no apparent reason. I just roll with it, but some of them don’t seem to be flagged for any reason.


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Geek, there’s little need for this.

Everyone, use the flagging system as needed. The mods will take of things on our end. Enough said.

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