Now that we've seen Gargos' face, can we make Omen's real face

the face from Shago’s instinct? I had posted this suggestion before, but ppl shot it down saying that it was going to be used as Gargos’ face. Now that that’s confirmed not to be true, I say give this face to Omen. It makes sense too since he’s the one that possessed Jago in the first place. And ppl have been asking for Omen to have a true face for a while now. Thoughts?


Would be cool, but I have a feeling it might be used for Gargo’s retro costume

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I really wish Gargos had the beard he has in Shago’s instinct activation. It looks cool!

I think its more of jagos impresson of him, like hes possessed but its not taken gargos’s form its still jago.

That face looks like it belongs on a flesh and blood creature though, I don’t see how they would make work on a character like Omen who seems to be made of some sort of energy/smoke stuff.

What if…Omen’s current costume became his retro and they used that head model for a new primary look for Omen lol


I don’t care if they use THAT face but I’ve always thought one of Omen’s accessories should be no-mask. Even if it’s just two glowing eyes on a blob, I don’t care.

I prefer old Gargos with the trademark crusty newport lips.

Don’t mess up the retro, IG! Gargos is a smoker

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I doubt that they would go and do all of that for him since he’s a “bonus character”. And although your idea is cool, I like the concept of him being a spirit as a demon rather than a fleshy creature.

And the face looks like it belongs to a fleshy creature because it’s really detailed. But I think it’ll work for Omen. Since his extremities are white tipped instead of see through, maybe his head could show that detail instead of being see through as well. (Although if it was see through, showing the circulatory of his brain would be cool too lol).

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I’m not sure why people want Omen to have a new face. Why can’t people accept that he is this faceless shadow-being who wear masks?

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Personally, I don’t mind his look now. BUT, if they were to give him a real face, I think that it should definitely be the one I posted

That’s the thing… Why should they give him a face? Why is it relevant?

Im totally down with this Idea!!! OMENS RETRO!!!

I guess it goes back to when Omen was first announced. There was a miscommunication that his mask was going to be an accessory. What IG meant was that his mask would be interchangeable. But ppl took that to mean that you can take the mask off if you wanted. So everyone started speculating on what his real face would look like. Needless to say, when they discovered that wasn’t the case, some ppl weren’t happy. And it’s been a request ever since.

Omen has a face… it just looks like a test crash dummy lol

Yeah I was thinking something similar tbh. I agree though, I do like Omen as the more spirit like being, it kind of separates of him from everybody else and makes him unique. I agree, I think it could be tricky but IG could probably implement that head to Omen somehow if they tried.

Can anyone who has already installed S3 confirmed if Omen didn’t get anything new, Retro, Colors, Accessories?

i say leave omen the same no change

IG/MS won’t waste any resources creating new geometry for a previously released character. Just gotta hope there’s a KI4 at some point in the future.

Well he looks very different from what i expected. Lets hope the shago instinct vulture are actually his retro face.

My only complaint is gargos face looks weird and not scary

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