Now that Eagle is the Magic Archer, any hope for the rest of the Character Survey

Anyone remember the character survey over a year or more ago now? What are the odds we’ll get the remainder of those characters in this version of KI? Lately, due to all the belly-aching about KI’s fourth year on the scene (even though SF4 lasted 8 years, but I digress), many streamers have abandoned KI and claimed they are unhappy with the post-Season 3 characters (and some) the entire Season 3 roster. I won’t name names as most here know who I’m referring to (yes streamers is plural), but I would personally like to see the rest of those characters from the survey. Johanna Dark from Perfect Dark placed very high, (I believe first) on that list with magic archer Eagle making his entrance somewhere lower if I recall correctly. Since Eagle/Archer’s inclusion, anyone have hopes that IG is still working to complete the character survey? I personally want to see four more characters because the character select screen is kinda unbalanced right now and I would like to see Johanna, Medusa (gorgon), and two more of the more popular entries on that survey make it. If not survey character than characters from KI lore like Rasputin or someone else. What I don’t want to see, is a bunch of people bemoaning KI’s continued updates. If you don’t like KI please move on to something else and let us continue to have our fun. If there isn’t a budget for full sequel than just give us a final season 4 (the remaining for characters plus the post-Season 3 characters) and call KI3 a wrap. I’ll be satisified with that (plus an arcade ladder). So who wants to see four more characters in KI3?

I must add, I’m not feeling Shadow Orchid as much due to all the remixed characters we already have, but I’ll take her if the budget only allows for another remix. Aganos Ent (tree version from LotR) seems more intriguing to be honest.

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Still hoping for the lovecraft character, sharkman and rushdown glacius.


Comic book.


Speaking of Lovecraftian, I was watching this the other day:

And going off of this I’d say if they do a Lovecraftian like Cthulhu, it might be better to have him as the next big boss…build him up like Aria or Gargos and not show him for a season or 2 at best, but tell horror stories about how he’s coming and how he’s going to make fully buffed boss Gargos on Godlike play like he’s just handing you a win. From the sound of things it’d be about the only way you could really do it justice.

…Also, it sounds like it would be a great as a Shadow Lords boss.

Short answer - yes there’s hope. At this point I would expect additional single characters rather than another full season, but you never know.

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Eyedol was on those surveys too, and people were sure he’d be the end of KI. Until we hear the devs say they’re done with KI, there’s always hope.


Patience is a virtue…

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Honestly, I always thought it would have been great if KI kept a very small roster and filled up on stages and other stuff. But we have discussed so many ideas that I am compelled to support a 4th Season of KI. The Mollusk sounds fantastic to me. Sharkman has been covered so much I’d like to see him. And of course I was always in favor of the guests like Jo Dark or the Halo Brute or Spawn or Ori.

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Joanna Dark, Sharkman, Wendigo and Lovecraftian gotta be made pls


Or Beavis and Butt-Head

But I feel like IG would probably add only Beavis but not Butt-head like they did with Battletoads.

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UNLESS they would become the possible potential dual-assist type characters for KI :wink: :laughing:

I still recall a very vivid dream I had not long after S3 was finished, where a teaser showed a cloaked, Cthulhu-like character standing in a library high atop a tower, close to a window where a sleepy village could be seen in the moonlight below, and gazing at a crystal ball-like orb with malicious intent while its facial tentacles slowly squirmed - its face clearly resembling Spinal’s shield - and then whispering in a disembodied voice “It is time.”

So yeah, I’m hoping for a Lovecraftian boss for Season 4 / future DLC, as well as a gorgon (which, now that Eagle has been announced, doesn’t need to fit the archer trope as I originally envisioned, but could very well fit the 4-armed, sword-wielding Harryhausenesque monster trope).

Edit: After reading the synopsis for the upcoming comics, I’m now even more convinced that the new “threat” from the Astral Plane may very well be that Lovecraftian character, posing as yet another Shadow Lord or something akin.

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Not here for debate, but it was known shadow orchid placed top in the survey request results

That doesn’t mean she would have to be a remix, or even technically a ‘shadow’ version of orchid,

I’d assume the aesthetic of the dark queen from battletoads and the remaining witch trope could be merged into a fully new character, leaving the link to any iteration of orchid behind and adding another great character to the roster.

Idk at this point I’m really looking toward the updated graphics like the Kim Wu featured in the new Spider-Man commercial.

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Shadow Orchid is a Gorgon created by the Lovecraftian creater corrupting Orchids energy…

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Or Raiden from Metal Gear Rising

Raiden? Ooooo, I like that.

But KI is coming to Steam. Halo Wars DE came out on Steam not long ago. Halo Wars 2 is coming to Steam shortly. It has a Brute campaign DLC coming out. Halo 5 will have a Halo 3 Anniversary playlist with a final game update too as I understand it. It will probably add a ton of Brute stuff.

A Halo Brute is coming to KI.

Heck yes to these four. Joanna Dark, Sharkman, Wendigo, and Lovecraft. Although I hope sharkman kinda looks like a merman from Castlevania or maybe have both. I think four more would round out this version of KI. I support Medusa and I wish for, but I doubt it would happen, Perhaps playing as some Mass Effect Characters. I would love to see an Asari or Turian in KI. Seeing an Asari use her biotic powers, her weaponry and her Ardak-yakshi form (I know that’s not spelled right) where she could possibly turn into a banshee would be cool. I want to see more KI. I want it to stay around and grow more. I’m not hyped for the Omen colors, but I would like to see them make separate Omen based on his Shadow Lord buffs (Eye, Blood, Flesh, Heart, Wings of Gargos.) Just give us more KI please. With a Steam version and a 4K upgrade, I think now is a good time to finish out Post-Season 3 with a full blown KI Season 4.

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As long as people support a season 4 potential b buying the 3 extra character dlc then there’s hope.

Either way issue is more new season characters shy of remix ones take a long time to design and create so even if there will be a season 4 it’s a long time away in theory.