Now that Eagle is the Magic Archer, any hope for the rest of the Character Survey

Atlantean Sharkopath with a Cthulu style enemy with a rivalry like Kan-Ra and Aganos would be so dope @rukizzel

Atlantean Anti-Hero character would be 60% Aquaman, 30% WereShark, 5% Poseidon, 5% Water Bender.

Cthulu-like Archnemesis would be 50% Mosasaur, 30% Sea chimera, 10% Electric Eel, 10% Ocean Master (Villian).

The Archnemesis bloodline is actually being overthrown by the anti-heroes bloodline. The Archnemesis wields Poseidons Trident rightfully so but his culture and rule are Equivalent to antebellum U.S. mixed with Calvary-Manifest Destiny ideologies. I can go on but you guys catch my pitch right?

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With Extinction one might wonder if they would be done with KI. But there is the graphics upgrade. Would they really just drop work with KI before the 4K stuff even comes out?

I’d love the Sharkopath vs Cthulu thing. I loved the idea of the mollusk the most I think. But I would also like it if they just added a bunch of cool guests which would make some noise. For example if they actually released Jo Dark, Crackdown 3, Halo Brute, and the Extinction character I’d be ecstatic. With all this Brute stuff coming out for Halo, with how popular Jo Dark was on some polls, and with those other games coming out I think it would be so awesome with KI coming to the PC. That stuff would catch non-KI players’ attention.

Lovecraftian in the vein of “the thing.”

Cthulu is just one lovecraftian ideal/archrtype, insanity over incomprehensible power didn’t necessarily have to go across the board.

I want ig to just really let go. Do something just completely out there, completely alien.

Xenomorphs and the creature from the thing should be the goal posts.

No bipedal aliens (too conventional), but tripods, blobs, gastropods, a hive/colony of interconnected insects, a moving bio-portal (like Pacific rim) with beings from different dimensions reaching out through it to attack like that film “the mist”.

I’m not saying “IG please use these ideas”, I’m saying IG … Just go CRAZY on that one, please go all out creatively. Everything about it should be surprisingly unconventional, imho :slight_smile: really excited where they would go with that one

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Blobs and Gastropods!

The Mollusk is pretty out there. Kind of blobby.


Like the new, unused, and potential character Mollusca in AND for Killer Instinct especially, yes? :wink: :slight_smile:

I hope things don’t get too exotic or silly. Mollusk might be like twelve from SF3: Third strike. Puddle person who can shape shift, but I think characters like that are kinda lazy. We should definitely stick with archetypes like Killer Clowns or Cthulu, Wendigos and creatures of folklore.