Noob questions

So I’ve been watching some Evo tournaments and stuff… I want to main Fulgore so I’m focusing on watching Circa Nicky.

Anyways, I keep hearing two words thrown around that’s confusing me…

  1. Conversions - “…nice conversion there…”, “…these newer players need to work on their conversions…”, etc.

  2. Parries - I’m new to fighting games obviously lol, I’ve gathered this is a mechanic in all fighting games… and also that it may have something to do with shadow counters or some sort of counter. Anyways I was watching Nicky fight Sleep’s Arbiter and the announcers made the point that Arbiter can’t parry unless in instinct…

Please clarify these :confused:

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Hi there,

1 - A conversion is when you land a hit and manage to react and start a combo going. Usually more impressive conversions are from stray hits (random neutral hits that weren’t part of a setup) or from anti airs (hitting your opponent out of the air with a grounded move) or air to air interactions (both players jumping). These types of conversions mean the player reacted to a somewhat unexpected hit he managed to land, and converted properly into a combo with the right follow up.

2 -Parry is a word that’s generally used to define a move that allows a char to “deflect” the opponent’s attack. It became most widely known after SF 3, from the mechanic Capcom introduced as a universal parry for all characters, which was done by tapping forward a certain amount of frames before the opponent’s attack connected with your character (or down, if it was a low attack).
In KI Hisako has a parry, but it’s a reversal kind of parry, a la Tekken’s Paul Phoenix and other characters. Arbiter has a parry which is very similar to SF3’s mechanic, but which he can only use in instinct, by pressing HP+HK.

Hope that was a clear enough explanation! As for Fulgore, IMO you should focus on learning his meter management and general flow between zoning and fireball setups and turning the tide to go aggressive and pressure up close with + normals (normals which leave you at an advantage when blocked by the opponent, because you can move before they can) and eye lasers for frame traps.

Make good use of his fireballs overall, and practice reacting with his DP, which is an amazing reversal tool. Nicky is obviously an amazing example to follow!


More than clear, awesomeness. Thanks!

One from me: What’s combo assist do?

Combo Assist, or CAM for short; is a mode where you can do combos without doing complex button input motions for people who are new or just wanna play the game without worrying too much about the mechanics at the point can do so.
For example, you can press —> LP (for an opener) then just press LP, MP, HP (for a combo) and —>HP for an Ender.

However it is no substitute for learning the combos and moves and mechanics of your character and I dunno, from my expierence, You don’t fully reach your potential.

So I reccommand using it when you’re starting out. CAM is not a substitute for expeirence and skill either so make sure you’re careful with whom you face.

WELCOME, to Killer Instinct :>


It’s great to see new folks playing KI, AND asking for help! :slight_smile: Welcome! Continue to ask questions! You’ll definitely enjoy the game more and more!


To help with some explanations:

In 90% of cases, Skryba is correct on his definition of conversion. It means “how good are you at taking random, stray hits that you were not expecting to hit, and converting them into actual combos for real damage?” It generally means the player has good game sense, because he knows what his character’s options are, even in unlikely situations that happen quickly and suddenly. He doesn’t freeze and panic, instead he is prepared to handle the situation. For the other 10%, you can use the word to describe how much damage you get after landing a “regular”, expected hit that you were planning for. A person who has poor conversions might do short, weak combos after landing a hit and not converting on his openings well.

Parry is definitely not a universal mechanic in all games… in fact, very few games have parries. SF3 3rd Strike is the most famous example, but as far as I know, Guilty Gear is the only modern tournament fighter with a universal parry mechanic. Some games (including KI) have one or two characters that can parry under certain conditions (in SFV, Ryu can parry, for instance).

Combo assist is a mode that lets you cancel normals into specials without doing a quarter circle joystick motion. Instead, you simply tap your normal, then tap another button and a predetermined special of that strength will come out. You typically have one special for punches and one for kicks, so if you want to do a special move that isn’t one of your predetermined ones, you will still have to do the motion regularly. What CAM lets you do, though, is have fun with the combo system more easily, because you can tap buttons back and forth and execute combos without any joystick motions at all. For players who really struggle with doing joystick motions, this can let them have a lot of fun with the game more quickly.

Note that CAM is not an “easy mode” that prevents you from playing the game the “proper way”. Everything you can do in a regular match, you can do with CAM turned on. If you are looking to play multiple fighting games long term, I wouldn’t recommend you get too attached to using CAM (because being comfortable with joystick motions is something you need to learn), but as a starting point I think it’s totally fine and you shouldn’t feel bad for using it while you get used to the rest of the game’s rules.

I wrote a website that helps people learn the game, as well! Check it out if you’re interested: