No more guests taking up S3 slots, game is sullied enough

Honestly, F*** Rash, i lost a lot of hope for Season 3 when Rash appeared at Gamescom, especially confirming hes the START of Season 3? honestly tha,t in my opinion, is a weak start.

When it was also apparently confirmed there will be more than one, it gave me less hope, making me wonder if we’ll even get cool new characters this season.

Dont get me wrong, im excited for Kim Wu and Tusk and Gargos, but its a shame to see legit S3 slots taken up by guests, if Rash and whatever other guests are just confirmed as BONUS DLC and not actual S3 characters, it would be fine, but this is ridiculous in my opinion, no one in my friends or family want guests, especially Rash, and i realize im in a minority, but i have a chance to voice my opinion, and my opinion is Battletoads is a mediocre series and isnt even good, and just because Rare made it, DOES NOT make it instantly “fitting for KI”.

There, Rant over.


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