No mercy\ultimate, after Shadow Jago

Shadow Jago will still have its ultimate?
It can be used in other stages?
If arrange internships for hosting the Ultimate Shago, I wonder why they could not accommodate even more …


I don’t want Fulgore’s no mercy from KI 1994… But, Fulgore ULTIMATE machine gun is epic, I’ve seen!

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Was Shagos Ultimate confirmed for the playable version? I don’t remember hearing anything about it.

Only on Shadow Tigers Lair for now

Oh so he isnt gonn have it on the stage? That’s cool. I would actually love for that to be the case for each character. Really make it unique. Spinal Ult only on Spinal stage, etc.

I’d prefer to be able to do it on every stage, but the Devs are saying that it would be difficult to do because of the different stages all have different properites, like some are inside, some are outside, etc.

Personally, I think they should just have the shadow effect flow out from the character to cover the screen and do the ultimate, then fade back into the character afterwards.

if they renounce the film shots, and opted for a style old KI …

Pretty cool mockups. I’d love to see that addition in S3.

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There are also some things with the camera that have made it difficult as well, and a few other details that currently make Ultimates problematic.

At this point, I believe it boils down to this: IG has basically stated Ultimates are possible, but due to many limitations on the game engine and design, accomodating them in the state the game is in now would be really difficult, and its time better spent making new characters, stages, etc., and overall improving what we already have. I don’t think they’ve dismissed ultimates given that a lot of people have given the opinion they want them, but at the moment, some portions of the game will require MAJOR overhauls to make it happen. Maybe some stages will have to be rebuilt with larger spaces in mind, and possible ceilings or skies, and maybe the camera controls may have to take a tweaking to make it work.

I would like to see Ultimates happen, and I’ve got my fingers crossed they as Jurassic Park put it, “found a way,” but I wouldn’t be surprised if it does take a backseat till after Season 3. Currently, they have a PC port, multiple new characters and stages to match, Shadow Jago, shadow enabling cast members, and probably things we’re still in the dark about. Ultimates seem like a stretch ask for at the moment.

An interesting point. Though push comes to shove they could at least do it in he same as the way the OP has posted them.

I call BS on the “The engine doesn’t support it” statement. If the engine didn’t support it, we wouldn’t have Shago’s ult. It’s IG not knowing the engine and making excuses.

At this point, it boils down to IG not wanting to do it. The forums have put up idea after idea, workaround after workaround, and they refuse to even touch on the subject.

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Their argument was in response to someone asking for Ultimate in every stage. As it works right now the Ultimate is tied to the stage itself.

I didn’t say “the engine doesn’t support it,” I said the it would be difficult because of how the engine works, in addition to multiple factors compounding the problem. Currently I’m willing to believe that Shadow Tiger’s Lair is the only stage that actually has something truly close to an actual sky. None of the other stages actually have skies, roofs, etc. From the forced perspective of the camera, we usually only get the one angle, looking straight forward in, and based on the background details we see, our minds create an illusion we assume there is a sky.

However, we all know during some attacks, the opponent is juggled high enough the camera cuts off the vertical follow, and the opponent’s actual position above is only a guess until the fall back to the ground. Think of each stage as a room, 4 walls, a ceiling and a floor. We usually see the background (1 wall), the stage floor, but the ceiling is cutoff, as in most stages probably don’t have these other elements (3 walls + ceiling) because they was never considered to be important until Double Helix created Shadow Tiger’s Lair and showed off what they did with the Shadow Jago boss.

So basically, given how cinematic and flashy you want to be with the camera effects, like with the rotation and shuttering you see during Shadow Jago’s ultimate, not to mention that big dark sky, some of these stages will have to be rebuilt and new elements added to support a more cinematic camera. Also, the camera controls are currently tied to stage information, from what IG themselves have said, and this isn’t productive because that means every character’s ultimate would have to be tied to the stage’s data rather than the character data. Every time you would add a character, every stage would have to be updated with new camera information regarding the new character’s ultimate programming, and that’s just inefficient and sloppy programming.

I’m willing to bet they are looking into ways to make it possible to change how the information is coded, and therefore make ultimates not only possible, but efficient. It’s not as easy as "they don’t know how to do it, they’d rather be lazy. I’ve known a few programmers in my life, and I know from them, they are all crafty, smart people. It may take some good coding skills and not short of talent, but I’ll bet it’s doable. Of course, any one of the devs reading this may (and most likely) know this is still a bit of an oversimplification, and could tell you better than I ever could in excruciating detail about why it’s difficult, but having done some Matlab and C programming, I’d rather just take their word at it.

Now is it doable within the time and budget they have, especially considering they have a number of big fish on their plate? That’s for a bigger power to decide, but I’m holding out hope, and even if Season 3 goes by without them, I’m still gonna hold out hope. KI doesn’t end for me after season 3.

While not utilizing a very dynamic camera, perhaps the current stage camera could do in a pinch. Still, I think some of the camera shake, panning, close ups and stuff really sell it better.

I confess that I have no choice about how to end a match, I’m a bit bored …

then I look at MK and I see that there is plenty of choice … :frowning:

prety much why I’d like for Ultimates to be possible in KI. Having options to finish off my foe with a spectacular finish than a drawnout rapid attack sequence would be nice. Especially on stages where there is no stage ultra.

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Just do an Ultra ender then.

That still makes it boring, lol. It doesn’t add variety to how I can finish off my opponent. You either have a choice of just dropping a combo after beating them up or doing an Ultra. the ender part simply does not count. I do those anyway and skip the Ultras altogether.

A decent Ultimate shouldn’t take anymore than 3-5 seconds to do. So it won’t be drawn out and it has potneital to be far more spectacular than Ultras.

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I just activate the Ultra,activate instinct right away,do a combo into a level 4 ender,then do the ultra ender during the combo ender for some intense heavy hits.

Not if they treat them exactly as a combo ender that can only be invoked when your opponent is on danger, just like an ultra. I don’t understand why this is such a problem.