No love for "charge" characters

Ok. There’s no such thing as charge in KI but let’s call it like that. back-forward or down-up moves are not very popular in KI.

there was only one Sabrewulf in Season 1
TJ, Riptor and Cinder came in Season 2
now we are 5 characters in Season 3 but still no charge heroes. I was really hoping for Mira but no. So will we have at least one more charge character this season?


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Hopefully not Gargos.


yeah. Gargos and Eyedol are probably usual qcf qcb characters. What what’s left?

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I greatly prefer motion characters in this game. I think Cinder (for example) would be much easier to play if he was a motion character. So I’m personally glad to see fewer of them in the game.


Pressing back, forward, and down, up feels really empty in this game. I prefer they take them out as they make a jest of us charge character lovers. Welcome back Guile, save us.

Infilament, Can’t agree with that.
Cinder has lots of moves that’s why they mixed motion and charges in one character.

you can instantly press up (while sitting) and make an invulnerable DP, when Fulgore for example has to enter Z move for that (for me it’s like 2 times slower).
Also it would be probably harder to make his Trailblazer with motion input.

So I play Cinder mostly because of his fast and convenient moves. Would like to see more characters like that. But so far this season doesn’t please me.


I hope not.
why we need a ‘charge’ character?
this is no street fighter.
KI’s focus is on different characters, unique characters.
It’s already hard to master cause of the unique characters, i dont think we need even more controls. it’s perfectly the way it is.
btw; sabrewulf and riptor are the easy characters for season 1 & 2.
we’re getting also an easy character for season 3. don’t know who.

Charge characters wouldn’t work in Killer Instinct. Too fast-paced and reactive, and you can’t do that with charge characters which are more defensive and strategic.

It would work in a game like Street Fighter, but not KI.

As for directional characters (Such as Sabrewulf and Cinder), it’s just a way to make them have the same “feel” as a charge character, because that’s what they were in the past games. There’s no real other reason for them to have that.


Everyone focuses on the difference between a DP and up-down in terms of speed, but no one pays attention to the fact that rolls are about the same as back-forward. Plus, cancelling low moves into QC moves is easier than cancelling them into b-f.

I have nothing against KI “charge” characters as long as they don’t introduce an actual charge. But there is something to be said for having a nearly universal input system. If you learn roll motions you are probably 75% of the way to learning the mechanics needed for execution in KI.

Not in KI since you dont have to go to neutral. b+f can be done out of blocking same goes for d+u.
It is simply faster.

d+u as a dp for cinder is one part why its a extremely good reversal. Doing a dp motion requires you to open up the block and go to forward. Cinder can hold down back and press up+kick. Same for b+f moves. You can hold downback and press forward + button.

In MKX as example you have to go to neutral before inputting the back motion. So a string like 1,1 b+1 into b+f 1 requires you to go to neutral after inputting the b+1.

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Well, in MK you can block (or not) in neutral so it’s really different. I Inderstand the part about d-u and cinder’s reversal. I’m still not convinced it’s meaningfully faster to go db-f than to go db,d,df-f. And of course there are other situations where you may have to react that don’t involve blocking.

This right here says it all…I prefer QC motions… BF and UD just dont flow as well for me.

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I guess I don’t care either way, the only motion that is currently giving me trouble is the DP motion. Usually I have no issue, but since I don’t have a decent controller, I’m just not a fan.

At the moment, “charge” characters work the best / most consistent for me, so overall I guess wouldn’t mind at least one more in the game.

I wish we would get more b-f characters too. It feels quicker, and makes me feel like I’m connected to the character’s moves a little more.


The charge characters in KI 1 were rather awkward to use because their combos had to accomodate for the charging by having you hit a different forward-to-back command for a linker (like Fulgore’s eye laser), and in come cases like Saberwulf you would have to have a different unique input just for the linkers. It was a pretty big mess that has been altogether avoided in this KI.

Charge characters are the most boring to fight god don’t put them in.

Edit: I thought OP was talking about the sf type charge characters

Just curious, what is the main difference between motion and charge moves? Is it just preference or is there some sort of confirmed advantage to motion or charge inputs?

Charge characters pretty much force a player to play defensively all the time, and because you’re always having to wait they slow the gameplay down. It’s a bit more forgiving in a game like Street Fighter where you’re only landing a couple of hits at a time, but in KI it really slows down the gameplay.

When the OP is saying charge he’s just referring to b-f and d-u motions. There are no ‘charge’ characters in this game in the style of holding down or back for 2 seconds like Guile in street fighter.
b-f and d-u in this game don’t make the character turtles. Sabrewulf is definitely not a defensive character. :grinning:
It’s just an alternate motion style in this game.


no. of course “charge” in KI context means b->f or d->u moves.
Everybody hates SF charges for 60 frames. In KI it’s much better, more convenient. It’s just really fast and easy to play. You can do crazy stuff.
That’s why the lack of those chars disturbs me. It looks like S3 is pure motion based.