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But why?

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Yes, the company that actively works against their game’s competitive community and the studio that’s a hollow shell of it’s former self will make a great fighting game!

  1. Assuming should they work together again it’ll automatically be like it was in the 90’s again.
  2. Completely ignoring the fact that most of the former Rare devs have moved on.
  3. Assuming arcade machines are still relevant today (besides Japan)

Basically what I’m getting from this (and considering your previous posts) is that this is just yet another way of you saying you want KI to be like how it was in the 90’s again. A lot of posts you made is just making you come off as someone who is stuck in the past instead of moving forward. Times have changed man.

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Why? Let me guess, because the old KIs were made by Rare? Sorry to break it to you, but Rare isn’t what it used to be and it would be pointless to have them work on KI. They already have Ken Lobb supervising KI anyway.

As good as Nint was back in the day, they had next to nothing to do with the actual production of the game.
As for Rareware, as fun as retro KI was, they were unbalanced messes.

This KI reboot went through misfortune when it first began development when DH had it.
With more time comes polish and content to freshen the game.

Who knows? They might just finish this installment and focus on making an actual Triple A game instead of a budget one.

Why would you think Nintendo would think anything of KI when they already have Smash and Pokken, two much more popular games. To them that’s just needless work with no benefit.

That’s easy. Just don’t get deported from Xbox live


You do know Rare is owned by Microsoft right? Also, why would Nintendo know what’s best for fighting games? Nintendo doesn’t exactly have a history of making fighting games.

If western fighting game developers are so bad, then who do you recommend takes over KI? Capcom? SNK? Arc System Works? Isn’t it kind of hypocritical to want Rare, a western developer, back on KI, but want them and Nintendo to find a non-western developer to work on KI?


Well you’re wrong man. Nintendo will never dump AAA money into any other fighting game if it isn’t one if there properties. I think you need to suck it up and start enjoying the game for what it is, an amazing fighting game with a lot of content and tons of gameplay potential.

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Nintendo has not much to do with KI, RARE had, and RARE is no more. Just let it be. What we live was great but things change, is part of Life. Keep the good memories and try to enjoy other new things. I know the feeling…


Why even post this? It can’t happen and you know that, so other than insulting the current developer and publisher on their own board, what’s the point?

Ignoring the insultingly obvious and myopic appeal to nostalgia anyone throws out there when talking about making anything “great again,” let’s just dispense with the idea that this game stopped being great for many fans, but also actually remember the fact that KI, back in ye olden arcade days of yore got even less respect from the FGC then Mortal Kombat, which seemed like an impossible feat at the time.

The fact that KI 2013 even exists is a minor miracle given the health of the genre, the health of exclusives as well as the health of games that come out at system launches.

This game has scrapped and scrounged for every fan it gets, yet there are still people who, for reasons passing understanding, have this bright spot for a time when edgy fighting games were coming out of gamers ears to such a crazy extent that they now want to use that completely bygone, lost, never coming back era as means to reason out the thought that KI would actually be better if it were still owned by the company that used to own Rare.

Nintendo has their fighting game. They have Smash. It sells their other games and it is INSANELY popular in the FGC. What makes you think that Nintendo would say “hey, you know what we need in 2017? We need to bring back a 20 year old game in the genre that we already have a great game in.”

KI 2013 is awesome. Nintendo doesn’t own the IP and never will again. Even if they did, they’d have zero incentive to bring it back. Certainly far less than MS.

This game is awesome, even if there’s stuff we’d all like to see upgraded, changed or fixed. It’s a lot more productive to put forth ideas to help this game or point out bugs or whatever then it is to point out dream scenarios that basically trash the developers and won’t come true regardless.

But if you’d rather keep polishing your nostalgia goggles, be my guest. I’ll keep enjoying one of the best fighting games I’ve ever played.


Be sure if it happens ill drop de xbox version. i’m more arcade and luna parks =18+

KI is great. A pc version and Xbox version are enough.

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Just build the game from scratch but that’s never going to happen.


Nintendo never developed KI with Rare. They published it after Rare made it.

…er…kinda. Honestly Ken Lobb was the mastermind behind KI and coaxed/molded it into what we know today.

And guess what? Ken’s still running the show on this KI as a MS employee. A lot of Rare’s talents have been actively participating in its creation, just not under the Rare banner. In essence, aside from outsourcing the programming work, the minds behind the original KI MADE this KI as well. So the whole, “If Rare had it back they’d treat it better” junk is just crap.

Now if Nintendo were promoting the game, yes it would maybe get more mainstream exposure…maybe. But MS has been doing a fantastic job of keeping KI front and center in people’s faces every time they turn on an XB1 console. Hell, Season 2 was FREE with Gold recently! Go to the Windows 10 store and click on Xbox Live games, KI pops up front and center…TWICE!! I mean how much more exposure for a 3-year-old game can you get??