No information for PC players?

You guys dropped the ball. How could you announce pricing for the console version and not PC version. People on the threads are looking into paying 120 dollars on the Xbox website and they don’t realize that those Ultra Editions come with arcade versions of the old games that probably won’t come to the PC.

Edit: For people late to the party. Yes I get it, it’s cross play. This is specifically for people only on PC who don’t have Xbox’s. Sure KI the main game will be exactly the same but we don’t know if the old Arcade games KI1 and 2 will be ported to the PC. It wouldn’t make sense at that point for a PC player to buy the Ultra Editions if MS doesn’t port the arcade games. Even then Season 2 introduced a “Complete Edition” so it’s fair to assume another complete edition might drop soon.

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Patience…the day isn’t over yet.

All Killer Instinct content on your Xbox is coming to Pc. I wonder if the arcade versions that came with Ki are KI content. Hmm. Oh wait.

Was really hoping they would have a specific PC price point since both versions launch at the same time. We’re 11 days out why is pricing taking so long to come out, other companies release pricing and launch date way in advance for there games.

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I think they would have put the info up along with the Xbox version had they had it ready. They’ve been planning this for weeks and even announced a price announcement today. Why would they want to completely separate the announcement?

It probably will be the same price as the xbox version. If you have xbox version,you also have the pc version.

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They said that they were working on a blog post for today with more details.

They had all week to work on the blog post. Seriously upsetting that they would need to start work on it now.


It’s only been 2 hours since the pre-order went up…

They usually have saved posts that just need submitting. Doesn’t like something that would take two hours. Also Rukari has been here saying that he would get screenshots up. Seems like he is now just making the Blog Post.

I thought to write a post telling a couple of things PC players should know about KI

They will probably buy season two on sale right now if their smart (you can get a 1 month free trial of Xbox live gold) brings the total down too $96

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it’s all the same ACROSS THE BOARD. The console version is the same as the PC version.

… its crossbuy. Therefore its the SAME price, they did announce the price.

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We don’t know if the Ultra Edition is the same for PC. We don’t know if KI 1 and 2 will be ported to PC which is why a PC gamer may not want to buy those versions of the game if at the end of the month if its revealed that they won’t port KI 1 and 2.

Would you guys buy the Xbox ultra edition if you didn’t own a console and it didn’t come with the arcade games? Seems like the PC player would be getting jibbed.

There won’t be individual copies for PC vs Console at different price points. Period.

THey’re crossbuy. If the PC version was cheaper, people would buy it instead of the console version and continue on.

Therefore, yes, they have listed the PC price.

Now as for the features specific to the PC release (KI1 and KI2), yes, they should verify that they will be included. I’ll give you that.

And yes I would (and did) buy the utra edition even if I don’t own the console).


But then they should just lower the price in general for those editions… it’s already outrageous that they haven’t gone down in price for 3 years (1,5 for season 2)
Games like everything else devalue over time (unlike what Blizzard/Activision thinks), and the price should be so it’s makes sense for new buyers.

120$ is a ■■■■ ton of money for ANY game, even a special edition, 90$ would be… hmm… acceptable I guess, but still a little much… 50-70$ should be the price, since two thirds of it is “old” content, especially if PC guys aren’t getting KI classic ports…
I get why the price can’t be different on the two platforms, but that just calls for a lower price across the board even more, for PC gamers sake

the Season 1 / Season 2 bundle is heavily discounted right now. I wouldn’t be surprised if it stayed that way.

To acquire S1 through S3, it’s like 90 or 100.

You can get the full game for $60. The other $60 is for optional colors and content.

I know that… but that’s also a ton of money to drop for that… plus what about the Classic KI ports? Don’t you think people would be pissed if they have to pay release price on some of it 3 year old content AND not get all the content the others got…?