No Fighters available on PC in offline-mode

I, on the contrary, bought the Supreme Edition through the Xbox app on Windows 10 and Shadow Jago on the In Game Store, but I can only play Shadow Jago when I’m offline.

I think it’s an authentication problem.

Right. When you ate online the game sews the combo pack or whatever you bought, and unlocks the characters. Offline it does not know what the combo pack is, so no one is unlocked. I had that problem until I got each character downloaded. This way the game does not care what pack you own because the characters are there.

How do you “download the characters”?

Go to manage game, and there will be a list of things you can download for the game. It shows you what you have installed and what you can install

I can’t find this option. Is it in game, is it on the Windows Store? Can you tell us exactly where it is?

I don’t know for PC. Forgot about that. I just assumed you were on X1

Ah okay, in my first posting i wrote, that the Problem occurs only on PC. On ONE all fighters are available offline.

So we have to wait …

Are there any words from the mods about this? I mean, are we sure it’s a bug or is it meant to be this way? I spent 30 minutes today trying to use my bad mobile connection routed to my PC to open KI.

It is most probably a bug, since the Xbox app doesn’t mention missing offline play. But maybe @rukizzel can clarify this: If you play offline on PC, you only have access to the content you bought in the ingame store, and the characters you bought on Xbox or the Xbox app are not available. Is this on purpose or a bug?

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He was making a (bad) Omen joke, referring to Omen as a “Harold” rather than a “Herald”. Get it?

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I hope its a bug. I would buy this on PC again, but its not possible. I cant buy it seperetaly, if i try it says, i already purchased it. :rolling_eyes:

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I don’t know if this will help, but I had an issue like this on Xbox one. My internet got shut off one time. This was during Season 2 and I had both seasons.

Anyways, when I started Killer Instinct after my internet got shut off, I could not play my characters besides Jago. I went to visit my mother to use her WiFi(Kinda jacked, I know) to see if I can fix this little issue. Well, I had multiple issues with DLC characters from MKX.

This issue was I had to constantly uninstall and reinstall the characters because it kept saying I had to purchase them to play. I then decided to just download all the KI characters to see if that helped at all.

I got home, loaded up Killer Instinct and I was very happy. I had all my characters while offline because I had them individually installed.

Like I said, I don’t know if this will help everyone(especially pc users, since I don’t know anything about that either), but I would recommend doing this if you can. It helped me, so I hope it helps all of you as well.

Unfortunately, this isn’t possible on PC. But thanks anyway :slight_smile:

Thank you very much for your answer!!! But this doesnt work in the pc-version. You cant download the characters individually, if you have already purchased supreme Edition.

Anyway, thank you again.

The actual Status ist:
If your Internet is down or the KI-Servers are down or completely shut down somewhere in the future, you cant Play KI.

I dont like this Feeling, although inet-problems happen not often To me. But as a collector i dont like the Feeling of beeing dependent to Internet, if i want to Play a game.

Has this issue been resolved for you yet or have you talked to a mod about this issue?
I actually just got into PC gaming and was expecting a clean run since I own all of Xbox’s Ultra Editions. Is being online 24/7 on the PC for the fighters some type of DRM?

No, its a certificate issue… I have the PC version only and it works completely fine with all the features and characters offline. Its only affecting people that bought it on xbox one and are trying to recover and play it on PC. Many people are getting various problems like some only get shadow jago available and some only hve a specific season available…


No, the bug is still there, even after today’s patch. And no word from the devs so far…

No one has promised to patch the bug with this quick-fix today. Anyway, i have hope, that it will be patched in the future.
If not, im thinking of creating a new account and buy only the PC-Version. Thats crazy, but a always-online-game is a NOGO for me. Worthless. And yes, i love KI.

Anyway, bump this thread every three or four days and maybe the developers take notice of it :smiley:

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yes, but I was still hoping this:

-Service improvements to cross buy on Windows 10 and Xbox One.

also fixes the issue.

ah, your right, ive overseen this :rolling_eyes: