No Fighters available on PC in offline-mode

Yeah, I bought Supreme Edition on PC (no Xbox, no other KI) and can only access Jago while offline. It’s unfortunate because it runs so much better offline.

Any word on how to rectify this? There’s gotta be a workaround.

There is no workaround and no word from the developers until now. Thank you for your question, cause it shows me, that it affect the pc-version-buyer too, not only those, who bought it on ONE.

Yesterday my internet went down, then i decided to play KI offline.i found that i can’t play with any player except Riptor only, all other players are grayed.
is there any workaround to fix this ?

I hope the Iron Galaxy fix this ASAP

I have the same Problem. Raptor is the only char available offline. All others are grayed. No Workaround for this.

I too only got Riptor and Shadow Jago right now. I can’t believe no devs can give us an answer.

Reading the MS store pages FAQ, they do more-or-less state that KI requires a sign-in thru XBL and that save data is stored via cloud, which all heavily implies online only. It’d be nice if we could access the files for individual installation, which is apparently possible on XB.

Guess MS is going to shove this online-only BS down consumer’s throats one way or the other.
PROTIP: You need customers, microsoft. Customers don’t need you.

I think the biggest concern here is “what after?” in regards to after KI2013. As it is, we rely solely on their server upkeep. Will we even be able to play KI in 3-5 years? Or was this more of a prolonged rental type of purchase? I know when I find a fighter I love, I’m hooked forever. I still keep my PS2 maintained so I can play GGXReload locally. Can my wife and I expect or discount such possibilities with KI?

@rukizzel because I’m unsure of who else would be appropriate to ask. I’m not trying to embroil you in a wasp’s nest, but I do think these are fair questions that warrant attempts at answers, at least.


But it’s not intended… It has to be a Bug, since I can play all characters offline except Shago. When it works for some people and not for others, there is something wrong. So far they just didn’t care fixing it. I hope for a fix with the Gargos update…

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Check it with the devs maybe there’s something they can fix about this in the suggestions thread.

And that’s why this is hopefully a bug that got overlooked and not the way it’s going to be moving forward. KI is a great game; it would really be a disappointment if it’s going to be online-only moving ahead.

Yep, online only means, its a dead game in a few years, when Servers will be shut down. I like top Play Street Figher III, DoA, Tekken 2+3. If i want top Play KI in 5 years, there will be nothing … always online means dead in a few years. :thumbsdown::thumbsdown::thumbsdown:
:slight_smile: for > 50 replies and > 1k hits for this thread
:weary: for no words from the developers

Ive stopped playing KI, dont want to Play a dead game, but always looking here in this Forum, if something happens to solve this damned issue. Officially or by mod. Haven`t give up hope.

I can assure you guys its not an online only game. I have the whole roster available offline. It would seem to be that there is some mix up with how the save data is transferred. It usually involves Xbox owners converting to the PC version and the transfer of their files and ownership over is getting screwed up. That and some PC only owners may be purchasing the xbox version through the xbox store instead of the windows 10 store and that may also be causing problems. It definitely seems like a certificate error and not an intentional one with the game. If it were, id hate the game and it would be moot at tournaments and would essentially kill the games community. I think right now they are just focusing on pushing all the season 3 content over. With each new character comes new bugs. Im kind of surprised that this error is still happening but I think its looked at as a small one and is not a priority. This is only my assumption tho so take it for what you will.


Thanks for your Reply. Your a lucky one :wink:

New patch, 26 GB of downloading, but nothing has changed. Still all fighers except Gex are grayed. Not that i expect something different.

A little “test”: when starting the game online, all Fighters are there after the “checking downloadable Content”-prozedure.
After that, i cut the internet-Connection and the game stay intact! Everything i want is there. I had a little hope, that ive found a workaround:joy: … but no. After leaving the game and restart, the bug is still there. So the whole Thing is somewhere hidden in this “checking downloadable Content”-prozedure at game-start. Its a joke, that you have everything on your disk-drive, but cant cant get acces to it.

Dumb question, forgive me if this has been answered. How do you run KI? I’m only able to start the game if I open the Windows store, find the game, and then open it through there. Maybe I’m doing something wrong. :confused:

You can run it a few ways. Ive never ran it through the windows store though. I made a shortcut and pinned it to my start button. Ive also ran it via the xbox windows 10 app. Also, no question is dumb, its how we learn.

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If you have installed KI, you can find it in the Start-Menu under “apps”. From there pin it to the Start-Screen. Now you can take a short-cut to the Desktop by clicking and hold the left mouse-button. Now you can drag and drop KI from the Start-Menü to the Desktop.

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Okay, cool. Thank you!