No EVO Announcement for Mortal Kombat XL

So, no Kombat Pack 3 news at EVO at all… Sorry guys… Mortal Kombat XL finals went off and no announcement for Mortal Kombat XL except a 50,000$ Pot Bonus for EVO.

I expected that. Why did so many people think that there will be a new KP? It wouldn’t really make sense - playerbase willing to buy MKXLL would be miniscule in comparison to MKXL, etc.

KP2 was announced in September. If you don’t hear anything now to then, howevers that is based off assumption. Injustice 2 is going to the center of attention from WB showing come comic con with character reveals and game mode sneak peek.

I wasn’t too surprised honestly. Boon announced the pot bonus later the same day, specifically stating that he was announcing it. It’s just the many people who were hopeful for Kombat Pack 3 wanted to cling on to the hope that he was going to make an announcement at Evo regarding it. Which I can understand. I too was extremely disappointed with Kombat Pack 2. Plus considering that MKXL is still pretty big and just a year old, it’s still fresh for support and new things like stages, skins, characters and what not.

There’s still the hope that since Injustice had post season pass DLC (Martian Manhunter and Zatanna, one who was highly requested since the game was in development and the other the winner of a fan poll), that it’s a possibility for MKXL. It was asked which fighters needed buffs, suggesting a new patch. Plus the ‘most missed fighter’ polls that Noob and Jade won.

Not counting on it, but it’s possible. Would certainly be nice.

Comic-Con 2016 could be a hope spot, though I have doubts about it. They may be showing Injustice 2 stuff/news there, but for MKXL, chances are slim.

You actually expected more? Dude the XL version already released, it’s the final addition of that game.

At this point, Injustice 2 is their focus.

They never stated it is. NRS can easily make more content.

But they won’t. They’ve done it before. Why use resources and time when you are focused on releasing a new game? It wouldn’t make sense for them to go back.

Ed Boon has made a few tweets about NRS still making content for MKX, even though Injustice 2 has been announced.

But all we can do is wait and see.

Such as this one yesterday:

@MK9Scorpion2011 @noobde what was the MKX Cool News at EVO? I missed it :confused:
EB: Never planned it for EVO. But there is big MKXL news coming.”

Now Boon’s polled about which characters might need buffs, so maybe it’s just a rebalance, but that doesn’t really qualify as “big news.”

He also polled on which characters we missed the most in MKXL and listed four men and women that certainly seemed like they could be possible DLC.

Obviously that’s just speculation and realistically, I don’t expect KP3 at this point, even if I’m still curious what he might be referring to.