Nintendo Switch Live Stream Starts Today

Nintendo has just announced that they showing of their console, the hardware and the games that will be shown off for the system. On January 12th 2017 Nintendo will be hosting a live stream on twitch/Youtube channels of the Nintendo Switch. What 1st & 3rd party games do you want to see for the Nintendo Switch.

Date and times: Jan. 12 at 8 P.M. PT (4 A.M. UKT)

Live Stream link -


yes! I’ll buy that with new mario game and Zelda game. thats all i want. :wink:

Yes I will buy a switch. Nintendo is one of my favorite game companies


Nintendo Switch live stream starts tomorrow don’t miss it.



I hope they announcement new Custom Robo for Switch…

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More info of the live stream

Jan. 12 at 8 P.M. PT (4 P.M. UKT)


I hope they rework the controls and re-release Starfox Zero. I’d like to play that game where the controls are not so wonky as to make the game virtually unplayable.

…Ok, it’s not unplayable, but you end up spending half the time you play the game focused on how you’re controlling it, and that’s not fun.

Im just waiting for a new F-Zero game or GX remastered with online features.

Nintendo Switch PREDICTIONS (it means I can say whatever I want without any evidence and create videos of 55 min based on 3 rumors if I want)

  • Price
  • Battery
  • Release Date
  • 1st Party and 2nd PArty launch games
  • 3rd Party Games for Launch window
  • Games for the rest of the year

Specific on games!!!

  • Mario (Launch day (LD))

  • Mario Spin-Off (LD)

  • Other games I guess (LD)

  • Zelda (Summer 2017)

  • … I guess other games (2017)

  • No specs, you have to guess!!!

Hopes and Dreams:

  • New Metroid game is announced
  • New F Zero game is announced
  • Every single Wii U game as a port (you know the good ones)
  • Mother 3
  • Scalebound is renamed and is a Nintendo Switch exclusive

Not even in my best dreams

  • Undertale
  • FF7 Remake
  • MvC Infinite

There you have it !!

A perfect prediction list that is based on what my uncle that knows a Nintendo fan with a podcast and a YouTube channel heard.

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I don’t know about F-Zero…Don’t get me wrong I love GX…still have it and still pull it out occasionally…but I think there might be a technical issue with the game as to why they haven’t made another one/ re-released GX: HDTV & wireless controller lag. On GX, it can be really bad, and that game is brutally hard if you have the slightest input delay. I actually still have a CRT for my retro consoles, and when I first went back to it to play GX…dear lord it was like learning that I was psychic and the game became 10 times easier.

…still have trouble with the story mode though…

Anyway my point is a newer F-zero would undoubtedly be slammed for not being up to the breakneck speeds & critical timings of GX because the general masses wouldn’t be aware about the lag issue and the game needing to be more forgiving in order to just be playable.


You know I am!!

Seriously can’t wait for Zelda. Hopefully Midna makes an appearance or maybe Capcom’s version of Din.

My big brother beat story mode 100% and unlocked everything…

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Well fun fact there was suppose to be a new F-Zero game on the Wii U and the developers who were suppose to make it was the Burnout developers but they said no to Nintendo’s offer but, their is hope, because the developers of Fast Racing Neo are teaming up with Nintendo to work on a"Racing Project" which i hope its a new F-Zero game.

Wait, this is tomorrow?! Cannot wait.


Likewise! Any particular game that you’re looking forward too?

Looking forward to what they have to talk about!

Wait someone else knows about Custom Robo? My ninja.


You like Custom Robo? Awesome.

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  • Chibi Robo in the form of the original gamecube title
  • Smash Switch with a couple extra stages/characters
  • GOOD new Metroid title. Not ragging on Fed Force, but Other M was a pile of garbage

-Tekken 7 (With the recently leaked fightpad accessories I actually don’t doubt these as much as I usually would)

-GC virtual console

My only true thoughtful hopes at the moment.

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