Next Double XP weekend? XP gain in general

I’m sure the devs love getting this question, but when the first Double XP weekend came and went, I thought for sure that this would be a semi-regular thing. Not EVERY week, certainly, but maybe every few weeks. Maybe even the random triple XP day during the week here and there to keep fans on their toes,

I believe the last Double XP weekend was July 4th weekend, roughly a month and a half ago. Before that? I honestly can’t recall.

I don’t know how many people have all of their characters up to level 50 yet, and if you do, that’s great! I personally don’t. I have Kan Ra around level 45 and after that, most of my characters are around level 30. I’ve been slowly chipping away with each character, but even with the XP adjustments they made in season 2, it still feels like a VERY long journey up to level 50.

So I guess this feedback topic is two-fold:

  1. To the Devs: When is the next Double XP weekend? Can we have them more often? I like double XP weekends, but why does this need to be a holiday/special event type of thing?

  2. To fans: How do people feel about how quickly or slowly XP is doled out in this game? Would you like to see IG make any adjustments to this system?

Strange… I meant to put this in the Game Suggestions and Feedback section. Maybe it got moved? Oh well, I suppose it’s fine here too. :relaxed:

I would love some double or triple XP weekends. I’ve got 6 characters on 50 now. I’ve been hit with the reset bug otherwise it would be 10 characters I think. My tip is to play ranked with low lvl’s you get 1.5 exp boost. And you learn alot and you learn fast. I can still win most of my matches, that’s because everybody is a killer now:P. And I face alot of not so great killer ranked players.

Just thought I’d bring this up again now that many of us have a nice long holiday weekend coming up. I remember MS/IG mentioning the possibility of boosters stacking on top of an actual double XP weekend a while back.

Could this be the weekend we get to do that?

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That’d be nice. A nice holiday treat for the community :smile: