Im new to the KI community and would like someone to help me progress with spinal. Any and all info would be greatly appreciated. I play on xbox one and my gamertag is Truths Hatred85, all caps.

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Have you read and memorised the bible?


Welcome! :grinning:

When coming to figthing games watching is better than reading =D Still I do suggest you check the guide FeverAyeAye wrote above (very good guide indeed!). It would help you to understand most of the things that happen in the game.
But again, after you understand the mechanics watching better players is a great way to learn. I’ll leave this for you:

This Spinal player is one of the best (if not the best Spinal) . And don’t think the Jago player is bad, he is not playing as much as he did before.

Of course playing to keep on learning is helpful. You can ask for exhibition matches in the GGs thread.

Best of lucks :wink:

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Lol UA Bass is the reason why i bought this game a cpl days ago. Exhibition matches Is what ill most likely need to seek out, ty

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Ty bro, didnt realize there was so much to break down. At least i know theres 3 skeleports now lol ive been using the medium skeleport and appearing right infront of my opponent for them to punish it

Welcome to KI

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Feel free to add me I’m happy to help you climb.

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I created a spreadsheet for Spinal’s frame data including run cancels, as far as I know it is mostly accurate. If there’s anything you need to ask about feel free.

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LOL…dude dont blow his mind right out the gate! I remember this last year… it gave me a seizure lol


That’s great. I have some difficulties when it comes to knowing what to punish correctly. I don’t know if I can punish run cancels at all. I just know the low fireball may give me my turn back? unless he is hitting me with something else (vortex)

Low fireball is unsafe outside of instinct at -5, run cancels are all safe however.

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What should I do against Spinal’s Instinct? what’s my best bet or what should I look for?

Block the skulls and look for an opening to hit him which will make them all disappear. Not reeeeaaally the best place for a how to beat Spinal discussion though since it is a thread where someone is asking how to play AS Spinal not against him, possibly open a new thread for more info on that.

Lol. This all looks like a davinci code. I have no idea what im looking at but im sure ill appreciate it in the long run so ty in advance.

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That is your gt? Deathblooms2k8?

Glad to help, it can be daunting understanding frame data (certainly was for me) but a forum member created a great post which breaks down how to understand it (and more) and better make use of the training mode.