New villain characters

If Gargos & Eyedol are destroyed, will we expect new villains to show up in future games?

If so, what kind of new villains would you all like to see join KI? Ultratech will still be around, but what new threats to see?

New Shadow Lords? Another company to rival Ultratech?

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The Tsar, leader of the coven, and a lovecraftian horror that is somehow tied to spinals shield.


This man gets it

  • A Superman-like villain.
  • the tsar of the Coven
  • Lovecraftian villain

What would be good Shadow Lords to take form as?

Gargos a gargoyle and demon for is example.

Hopefully there will be a more story oriented arcade mode in S4 instead of another Shadow Lords mode.

I’ve seen a few people mention The Tsar and I think he’d make a GREAT boss.

The centuries old vampire that turned Mira, that runs a corrupt, underground organization… They seem like a great foil for both the Night Guard and Ultratech. Perhaps Mira’s death brings The Coven out of proverbial shadows and they attack their weakened rivals post-Gargos.

During the course of the story, The Tsar somehow gains the power of a shadow lord, it’s revealed that Mira’s not really dead, and other allies are brought in to the fray, such as an Ultratech executive who’s a spy for the Tsar, a wendigo servant who wants his freedom from the vampires, and many others.

I think something like that could work well as a place to move forward to and away from the planet threatening intergalactic power and on to an actual post-apocalyptic world that’s still coming to grips with what happened and the chaos and mistrust that comes from a world that’s so fractured. I think that dealing with these more practical issues could create a compelling view of a world destroyed, those fighting to help it, those that only think they’re helping, and those that seek to control what’s left or exploit it.

I think that could be a really cool take on it, especially given that the heroes of this story don’t overly seem all that much like heroes in the first comic, at least as far as the regular people are concerned. Maybe the Tsar can somehow have an effect on the public perception of who’s good and who’s evil; where the good guys are demonized and forced in to hiding and what not.

If they were able to use the dossiers and cut scenes in the next game to tell a fully fleshed out and cohesive narrative, I think that’d be a huge step up over what we got in this game.

Don’t get me wrong, I think there’s great storytelling in the character profiles, the dossiers, the novella, and in various cutscenes in current and prior seasons, it’s just spread out, with not much in the way of a start point, progression, and an end point a lot of the time. I think the more they can focus on making something that’s nuanced, gripping, realistic (within this world) and coherent, the better the story can really function and flow around these characters, their rivalries, their goals and really give the players an experience they want to see. I know I’d like to see that, anyways. :slight_smile:

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Perhaps not only the Coven for being a supernatural empire, they could add aliens into the mix as well.

Perhaps a mix of the Sith & Daxamites. Even the Yeerks from Animorphs.

Perhaps also anyone from the Lovecraft.

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I wouldn’t mind seeing The Tsar try and force Kan Ra to bring something Lovecraftian through his portal; some uber-weapon that could also be a playable character, that fights on the side of the vampires. I think something like that could be pretty awesome and a cool way to bring that character in to the game and introduce them as a powerful force to be reckoned with.

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Yep! Imagine that. The Tsar can be based on Viktor from Underworld mixed with Dracula & Demitri.

I also wish Kan-Ra partnered up with a mad scientist similar to Quan Chi. And they have their own “Deadly Alliance”.

Plus a “Superman-like” demigod who wants to turn full-fledged seeks powerful similar to the Infinity Stones. He’ll have minions help him in his quest.

That’s kind of what I imagine as well. Maybe with a little bit of Kain from Blood Omen mixed in there. Devious. Knows stuff before everyone else, etc.

That could definitely be a cool pairing, and I like the idea of a mad-scientist being in the game. Maybe a sort of Jekyll & Hyde type, though that role probably would’ve fit what Eyedol is now.

I think the mad scientist can go a Frankenstein vibe and be the one responsible for leading Project Cinder. He’ll have vibes of Mister Sinister, Doc Ock & Doctor Doom as well. Even Albert Wesker. But he needs certain powers to fit his character.

Kan-Ra’s a sorcerer from Ancient Babylon with the sands. How about the mad scientist possess ionic energy from Wonder Man?

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What about a new shadow lord? What good creatures to pick? Gargos is a gargoyle after all.

That could be cool. Maybe someone that’s in a small mech suit that has certain abilities like extension arms or lasers or whatever. Or maybe someone that can switch between using gadgets himself and a brutish monster / creature that he controls as his puppet.

I think they should go with a returning Ichorien and I think it’d be cool to make them angelic warrior type characters. Well, angelic themed. I’m not looking to KI for some sort of take on religion and I don’t think they’d want that either. But something that’s sort of the opposite of a demonic looking gargoyle. I think something like that could be interesting depending on how they did it.

Well if the mad scientist will go in a Frankenstein-route, he should possess certain powers like chemicals. Even ionic energy from Wonder Man. But I’m thinking of Mister Sinister too.

I’m not sure about adding in new shadow lords, I think it takes away its meaning however, I’m all for new baddies just on a smaller scale. The only exception would be for a lovecraftian character. Also is eyedol still up and about? I know Gargos is canonically defeated but eyedol may still be out there same with the original Omen.

If we were to have a Lovecraftian character I wouldn’t want it to have any allies, just a mysterious powerful force that works alone for reasons.

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Well, it could certainly be brought through a portal, but much like Eyedol, it could end up being a free agent of sorts; a wildcard thrown down to cause chaos. Or maybe it’ll just come in with its own agenda.