New update 26GB?

right i have a queue of stuff but just went to start KI3 and it want’s a 26GB update? what, i know raam is a fat guy but is he 26GB? (sarcasm)

well he is about 10ft tall

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Wouldn’t it be sick if Shadow Lords was added for it?

Downloading… Damn… 26gb… Whyyy?

They’re probably just throwing shadow lords stuff in the background. They’ve been doing it with the last couple of updates as well. When Mira launched you could see the shadow lords character select screen underneath the normal character select screen.

I am at 1% :frowning: This is going to take forever.

especially with e3 right now the xbox servers are using all 640kb of memory.


On a side note the new Xbone UI update makes the downloads much more informative than just a percentage. You can see the actual MB download rate. Still doesn’t give a completion ETA though.

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I’ve got 17.4GB total on PC. If it goes passed that, I’ll post an update. Almost half way done.

26 Gigs!!!

I can’t even get the download started :unamused:

I need 3 days to download 26 GB! Wtf?

They changed gargos’ face in the character select screen.

one day we might get patch notes :stuck_out_tongue:

If I shut down the PC, will the download be resumed from where it was or goes back from zero? I’m not talking about the visual bugs

Mine had to restart at 10GB due to a gpu driver download, it restarted at 10GB.

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Ok thanks. So I can shut down and continue downloading through various days, just like Steam

He’s bloody huge. He dwarfs tusk

OMG thank you I thought it as just me. I had no idea RAAM was coming out. (Beta)

Was just going to play a few games tonight but with a 26 GB not anytime tonight…sigh.

the store is so gitchy not even funny