New Ultra Camera

Well Just my opinion but I think this new Ultra camera would be sick. Here is the video.


Take away the black screen effect and then it would be perfect. Nice job btw.

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Thanks. The black screen is just a side effect. It has to be there to do it. Do you want me to do one with every character?

■■■■ yeah man they look badass. Can’t wait to see shagos and omen.

How did you do this?

Stay tuned…

I think the black background during the credits would be a great stage. Nothing but the characters.

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I like how it emphasizes how crazy and exaggerated the ultra is.

Thanks. I personally liked the shots when it switches sides. It makes the characters seem more powerful IMO. Way more cinematic.

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Nah, Camera’s a little too close for my tastes.

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I prefer the current camera angles to be honest.

That is fine.[quote=“iHeartSkulls, post:12, topic:7885, full:true”]
I prefer the current camera angles to be honest.

How would you feel if you can rotate the camera during an Ultra to a degree?

I’d like to see what that would look like first.

I feel the best part about ultras is when the music ques it. Really adds to the awesome display.

No Music in the training room and that is the only way to see these cameras.

Yeah I know. Tis a shame. Without the music they feel kinda…eh.

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I can make another one and synch the music with the camera. Will it be better?

Hmmm could try. Wouldn’t hurt. But don’t do it because I’m moaning.

I think in KI4 for ultras only they should makes entirely new moves for them to use. Basically you can only view these during ultras and aren’t available otherwise. Combine that with the music symphony and yeah.

I’d stick with what weve got. With that angle u couldn’t stop the ultra and continue your combo. If you think that the lvl 4 are intrusive this is a when new level.

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