New Ultra Camera

I think having the option to move or not the camera if you like during the game is better, that way
the game will be much better for people that like it as it it now and for the ones that like to watch it in diferent angles.

I personally like it, but i would prefer the option to move it or not .

Great idea !!! i hope microsoft read this

That is great. I would love to have that as a selectable stage

what the… how do you do this???

Ok. I will for you and @Ziarist In training room,do an Ultra. Instinct cancel as early as possible. Do a level 4 ender. You can do an ultra ender during the ender. If you do it,bam. You cant use instinct or shadow moves. The effect will disappear. The camera is different depending on the ender. Also it doesn’t work with some enders.

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Black background is a bad idea, you miss all the craziness in the background of each stage while its happening.

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Ik. It is just a side effect I did for the camera.


oh boy… I had so much fun with that camera… please may this never get patched…

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I know right. I want this to stay.

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It is a substitute for the old zoom-in theater mode of season1. So happy I can watch the character models from so close now.

Fulgore in 3/4 view is sooo scary… Orchid…Aganos…

Oh god… I’m so happy now… is it 1994 again?

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