NEW Star Wars Battlefront 2

Darth Maul… I am so glad to see him in Battlefront 2! :smiley:

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This is going to get annoying really quick.
It’s one thing to have a reboot with the name of the original game

But then to have a sequel of the new game with the same name as the sequel to the original game?

I weep for the historians of the future.


Oh yes, I just changed title topic. It’s very weird to see this title… :confused:


I see that Yoda as well as Rey and Kylo Ren are in the game too :slight_smile: :grin:

Battlefield 1: Star Wars Edition? Nah… I’m good. First was a huge let down.

Too much online for me to enjoy. BF1 was a huge let down for me as it had zero story mode, the online is no fun because you are up against ppl that play 24-7 and have all the good weapons and buffs.
Hell you can get 20 ft without getting one shotted…no thanks

I enjoyed the flying missions, but even some of those sucked because you had to play online.

Well, it was no secret that per-ordered members with a season pass had access to the best weapon right off the bat. I believe it was later balanced, but a little too late.

Only survival was good to me, but even then it did not warrant a fraction of the game.

I bought the DLC much later in the cycle after the hype of ROuge one. Only to see the Death Star and Rouge one missions were nothing like advertised.

That was the nail int eh coffin for me. I tried to trade the game in but its only worth $1.70 so I just kept it.

I even went to the midnight release and won the costume contest for that game what a let down.

Best that came out of it was with my winnings I bought Bloodborne and started my obsession with the Souls series.

i gave battlefield 1 a shot. i liked it and had fun but i dont see anything about it that would keep me playing for more than a week.

edit: the new battlefront was equally short lived

Unlike the first Battlefront reboot that came out last year, this one will be on my radar at least simply for having story stuff. However, if I’m putting money down for it, I’ll need more single player content that keeps me coming back. A five hour campaign isn’t going get my $60. I learned that lesson with Titanfall 2.

That said, the last Battlefront game looked gorgeous, and I’m sure this one won’t disappoint on that front. As long as I can stay in 3rd person and maybe, finally be able to go from the ground to space for more battling fun, I could see myself buying this and enjoying it. We’ll see.

Looks interesting.

Why did I buy Battlefront 1? #regret

I actually really enjoy Battlefront - although I probably didn’t get my money’s worth. If you bought it day one there were millions of noobs playing with no clue. I had like a 3 k/d ratio. After a week they all left and it was all pros like @FallofSeraphs76 describes. But some of the modes are harder to abuse and provide more even gameplay.

Every now and then I go back and give it a try and it just doesnt last long. After being killed 10x in a row within 30 seconds or a min it gets frustrating.
Ive had a few games where I did well or was in the top 5 but that was far out weighed by all the times I didnt.

I like using the ATST and the snow speeder the most.

I find the space battles fun, and actually liked the Rogue one content - although I haven’t played a ton. The “hero battles” are usually full of kids so you. An mop up. My son plays that a lot.

I guess I didnt play Rouge one stuff enough… it just didnt seem to be what was advertised. I didnt see Jyn or anything Rouge one except the palm trees.
And the Death Star was just me running through a death star hallway shooting ppl… like were is the trench run? Where is the core run?

Jyn is a hero in those modes now…

My favorite is the Death Star part where you are trying to steal the plans. That one is pretty cool.

So there isnt a flying mission to destroy the Death star like the DLC advertisement shows?

Has anyone tried the VR version of the DLC?

what i found dumb in battlefront 1 was that a pistol was stronger than an LMG style blaster. are you ■■■■■■■ kidding me EA -_-


@BigBadAndy Hey dude I just played Battlefront for the 1st time in months and I enjoyed it! ( IM hyped after watching the bonus disc of ROuge One )
I played Walker skirmish and it was cool… I didnt die in 1 shot! lol… but its offline so that might be why. IM gonna play some more missions and try and get my moneys worth of this Season pass.

How the hell do you get the Dioramas? Those look really cool!