New Sparring Partner Thread

@KidScottCudi @TimelessVisions Sent you guys a FR - I’m Castiel, I’m a Thunder main =D

Hope to have a few sets with you guys soon

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Please feel free to add me as well.
GT: brotherairplane

I wouldn’t say that I’m new to the game but I’m still a bit of a noob :slightly_smiling:
I would like to start playing against actual humans more often!

Castiel FGC is my Gamertag - I’m always down for few sets =D

I added everyone that posted in this thread hope to get a couple games in

Will be bestest friends 4 lyfe in return for Aria, Hisako, and Cinder MU experience.

I am totally behind on MU experience with late season 2 characters since I was focused heavily on MKX.

Gt is
Tony at home

Unfortunately, I’ll have to miss my first forum battles since it started as I won’t be available. I’ll see you o nthe next one though.

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Hey everyone,

I just picked up KI again after a longer break for no specific reason (more games than time to play) and really want to get better. That’s why I’m looking for sparring partners as well. I haven’t really decided on a main yet but spend most of my time with Glacius and Shago. I reached Killer tier two weeks ago also I really feel that I suck anyways :wink: I’ll send you guys requests and look forward to some intense KI matches.


So, I normally main Thunder but I’m deciding on flipping the script and picking up Riptor, are there any experienced Riptor players here who could give me some advice ? show me some tech ?

Much appreciated gang =D

I main Omen and my secondary is SaberWulf, if anyone wants to play add me, im always up for the fun and competition. KindxBones is my Gamertag

Added you. Thanks.

Riptor is a good chunk of the reason I made it to Killer (as well as Shago and Sadira) so I could help as best I can.