New Sparring Partner Thread

Now that the Season 1 Combo Breaker Pack has gone Free to Gold Members and I’ve seen more low level players online recently, So I mainly wanted to make this post because none of my friends play fighting games (they think Fighting Games suck) and I just wanted to see if there were any other players out there who are looking for sparring partners or other players to have lobbies, coaching and sets with just to keep skills honed.

My name Castiel and I’m a Thunder Main…

look forward to hearing from you all.

feel free to add me, my GT is my Killerinstnct94, welcome to the community. Riptor is my current main, but I am always up for sparring.

Dayv0, Aganos main, currently leveling least used characters(Hisako, Cinder, Orchid, Sadira and Maya), and I recently broke my arm, so I’m not in my best moment, so maybe I’m not a big challenge for a competitive player

Sounds like it’s time for some new friends. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Anyways, I’m on a lot, even when I’m not (wink, wink), so feel free to add me. I have a couple of buddies that I play in lobbies with fairly often too, and it’d be cool to have a regular Thunder player.

GT: Zcythe

GT: ShadowSlayerX91

I Main Fulgore, But I Play Around With Other Cast Members. I Need A Sparring Partner Anyway.

I guess go ahead and add me too: UncappedWheel82

I’m looking to get more into some lobbies and whatnot, so if anyone sees me on, hit me up for some matches. I play Aganos, TJ, Jago, and Fulgore.

I’ve sent friend requests to all of you guys above =D

GT Fwufikins. I’m pretty ok, got every character to 50.
Online I tend to deviate towards Riptor, Sadira, Jago, Fulgore, and TJ Combo, though for the longest time I considered myself a Sabrewulf main.
Feel free to add. Lots of friendly people on the forums.

I’m RGL Official, I play an okay Shadow Jago as some people may attest to. I’m open to play pretty much all day every day.

How’d you get that gig? :astonished:

I’m a bit jealous. :disappointed:

Feel free to add me too! I’m a Jago main, as well as having a Thunder, TJ Combo, Omen, and currently working on Maya, Kan-Ra, SaberWulf and Aganos. I could totally teach you stuff, as I love helping people! Welcome!

I call it, being 18!
I’m still a kid dude. xD

Wait until you hit college. LOL

I’ve seen way too many of my high school buddies go $10,000 in debt because they flunked courses. College is on hold for awhile, but that’s all I’ll say about it here. Wouldn’t want to go too off topic.

I think that somepoint in the near future we should set a lobby up and just show off what we’ve got - if people wanna give tips and advice, that would be a great time to do so

Send me an invite if you want more buds on KI.

GT: oTiger Spirit

Not a lot of options besides college, friend. That is unless you don’t mind dead-end jobs. My tuition isn’t too bad, about $11k from a community college. Just pay attention, work hard and make slight sacrifices in your outside schedule and you should be fine, I’m passing with a 3.8 GPA. Besides, if you major in something worthy, $10-25k on a good salary is chump change. Anyway, just wanted to throw my two cents.

The Forum Battles is a pretty cool way to get everyone together, and it has gotten better. Trying to schedule something random doesn’t always work best because it conflicts with people’s schedules.

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anyone around for a few games ? I’ll be on for a few hours

@Fwufikins @TheNinjaOstrich @RGLOfficial @oTigerSpirit I’ve sent you guys friend requests

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I look forward to fighting you!

feel free to hit me up my gt is yungbathory - i’m located in the UK and started playing at the beginning of the month (after having ki on my hdd for like a year maybe but refusing to put money into it because I was/am still salty that my 360 stick doesn’t work with my xbone) and I’m currently playing hisako exclusively. I’m mid-high gold (650ish points i think) and the plan is to grind the last stretch to killer with my beloved onryo and then hit lobbies hard to learn someone a bit more… conventionally top-tier :stuck_out_tongue:
i’m down to lobby whenever i’m on though really - still an infinite amount of improvement possible! let’s get this money!