New Sparring Partner Thread

I like the cut of your jib, where about’s in the UK do you hail from ?

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I’m from Salisbury in Wiltshire!

I used to live fairly near there, I lived in Winchester and now I live just outside North London - Hertfordshire way

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oh safe! I went to uni in London, lived near Tottenham in my third year

GG’s to @yungbathory - that was a good set.

I have no idea how to fight against a Hisako…she looks crazy

yeah GG @CastielFGC !

Honestly I don’t think she’s that difficult to deal with once you get used to how she works, knock her down and vary your mixups, throw a bunch, respect the parry but don’t be too afraid of it, etc you’ll be fine!

As a co-founder/organiser of the forum battles with @RGLOfficial and @MRxFluttershy, I gladly invite you into the next one when it happens, not this saturday but the next.

I’ll be happy to fight/train with you, feel free to add me (same as my username on here, I’ve already added you). Same invitation goes to all you guys on here who want to fight me. I’m a Fulgore main currently as well as an Aganos, Jago and a pocket Spinal and can play other characters at a basic level.


My issue is I don’t know the timings of any of her moves so I get locked out a lot…

I recently watched the KI top 8 at Evo in 2015 and Domi wasn’t breaking at all and the commentators were saying the best way to practice not getting hit is to don’t break at all for a while, don’t even try it and that’s what I’ve been trying to do, I just take a shot in the dark and hope for the best unless I figure out somone’s pattern.

i’ve only been playing for just over a week I believe so I’ve got much more learning to do in regards to mechanics and data and stuff…

I’d like to thank everyone who has posted in this thread so far because you’ve given me people to talk to about this game =D

that would be Saturday the 6th right ?? what time would that be, I’m down for it =D

It’s 2PM Est/19:00 GMT. Double check with @RGLOfficial though to see if it’s on then.


I’m down, keep me updated ! =D

Add me my gt is projectboyz06 I’m down for some sessions

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My gt is Gyz da Wiz

ADD me , I m down to play with anyone, no matter the skill level there is always something to learn

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@projectboyz06 @GyzdaWiz sent you guys a request, look forward to having some sets

oh yeah i should say, i’ve added everyone who’s posted here thusfar!

@MrxFlutterShy @RGLOfficial @SightlessKombat are the Forum battles taking place this saturday ?

Yes! (15 characters long)

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I suck at this game but i know how everything works at this game. I’m just looking for fun and patient people to play with, nothing too serious.
My gamertag is; Kid Scott Cudi

GT : TimelessVisions
Mains : Sadira, Hisako

Always up for games, prefer to play people who want to learn, help others get better or just have fun and can have it without T-bagging or trolling,

Consider yourself added.
Gamertag: Fwufikins
Gold Rank Goof, Level 50 with every character.
I’ve got a few favorites but I’d be happy to have some fun matches with any of the characters, should I have the time.