New Sadira tech?

I was watching one of UA Kalypso’s vidoes and saw him repeatedly using an HP attack outside of her Instinct. Sure enough, you CAN jump cancel any auto double without Instinct. I DO have a vid of me doing this.

Now notice, I am able to Jump Cancel her HK. It’s much slower than her normal JC Autos while in Instinct, but it is still a Jump Cancel. Don’t know if this is a bug, but it is pretty cool none the same.

This of course, has to be a glitch and it isn’t reliable by any means, but I was able to duplicate it across both her heavies and mediums.

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If it IS new tech, I’ll be curious what this might unlock, though if it’s an unreliable glitch, who knows. Reminds me though that I need to watch more UA Kalypso videos. Some of the stuff he can do… I can’t even imagine the buttons he’s using to make it all happen lol.

As soon as my net is back up, I’ll upload a video of me using it. I didn’t do any sort of fancy combo, but the time is very strange, so it would be good at throwing people off.

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Cool! I’ll be curious to see it. Thanks, man!

May need to put that in the bug reporting thread, considering 3.8 is just around the corner.

Video posted.

Yes that is her new jump cancel. She can jump-cancel after an autodouble allowing for breaking the combo system. This can be done with any auto double and can be replicated easily. After an auto double, hold up. There is a 7 frame window during her pre-jump animation where she can cancel into a auto double again. This allows for stagger like combos. This can be done with any autodouble with any rotation (you can replicate Jago’s Around the World combo trait) though mediums and heavies are the easiest.

The main uses for this trait is to make Sadira’s combo break game even harder to deal against. Also using heavies allows for the most time to waste someones instinct if you take their first life bar in a combo state.


Since people have found out about this glitch I have more info regarding this glitch.

You can also jump cancel into any auto double after an manual as well. Easiest is with Because you can always jump cancel from this move, this is the easiest to manual from.

There are a select few manuals to utilize this glitch. These include LP, c.LK, MP, Cl.MK, Cr.MK, and Cl.HP.

Utilize this glitch and most players will have a difficult time combo breaking you.

This is slightly balanced by the fact that Sadira loses even more damage then her normal combo strings.

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Since I learned about this, I’ve been using it a LOT. I can only imagine what the other player is thinking as they get timing lockouts and such.