New player, Shadow Lords question


I just purchased the game and need some help regarding Kilgore in SL.

How do I go about unlocking him? I have tried googling it for the past couple of days with little or vague info about it.

  • I have beaten Gargos 3 times.
  • I only played on normal difficulty.
  • I have done the forgotten lab 3 times with ARIA fighting all 3 enemies.
  • I have reached 23 turns per SL session.
  • I have used ARIA, Fulgore and Sabrewulf in my team.

Hot Lead has NOT shown up at all

Please help.

Any info or advice appreciated.

Thank you.

uhh I think Kilgore is related to the hot lead sidequest. You have to have a ultratech fighter to get access to the quest

Thanks for the reply.

Yes, I have tried using Fulgore, ARIA and Sabrewulf for my team, quest still does not pop up.

Huh, that’s strange. Try using Cinder, Sadira and Fulgore, maybe? Wulf isn’t a member of Ultratech, though that shouldn’t make much difference, honestly.

It’s been quite a while since I’ve played Shadow Lords, but I believe the sidequests are random. It’s possible that your run just didn’t generate this one.

Yeah, pretty sure the encounters are somewhat random. It helps subsequent runs be interesting (b/c you can see new things on new runs even if you’re using the same team), but it does mean that each run isn’t guaranteed to give you a particular quest line even if you have the prerequisites for it.

Be on the lookout, you might have missed in during your playthrough.
They do unlock at random, but Hot Lead is one of those that absolutely should appear at some point early in your run provided your team is comprised of Ultratech members.


As others have said, it’s got some RNG as to what actually drops. When the Hot Lead quest was first added, I got it my very next playthrough. Others had to wait days.
Doing multiple runs and using Ultratech characters (especially ARIA and Fulgore I wager, but Sadira, Cinder, and Riptor will probably be effective) seems to boost the chance though. Just keep doing what you’re doing and it SHOULD pop up.

Thanks everyone for the info!

Finally popped up at turn 32.

Had to beat forgotten lab with ARIA before it popped.


Happy we could help. Going to move this topic over to the Shadow Lords sub-forum - didn’t actually realize it was in gen discussion. :-p