New Perfect Dark Game

A reboot and/or retcon of the original/vanilla Perfect Dark? :slightly_smiling_face: :+1:

Awesome to see “Perfect Dark” coming back, although again, like KI 2013, disappointing that Rare isn’t doing it. Hopefully it will be good, if not great.

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Especially after its rather long hiatus, yes :slight_smile:

Was thrilled to see this until I saw Ryan at Xbox mention that it’s an FPS. I know, the original games were FPS, but I was under the mistaken assumption that The Initiative was put together from various studios that worked on high end third parson action adventure games. There were even rumors that The Initiative was working on Perfect Dark as a dark, third person neo-noir thriller.

So to see that they brought in this specific talent to combat Sony’s stranglehold on this genre only to do a game in a genre that Xbox already has Halo, Doom, Wolfenstein and Quake in is… Kinda ridiculous?

I dunno, I’m sure shooter fans and more specifically Perfect Dark fans are psyched and good for everyone that is, for sure. For me, and this is probably overstating it, but this is just another nail on the coffin of my Xbox fandom. I’ve purchased every system as close to launch as humanyly possible, but Series X offers nothing now and almost nothing in the future that specifically interests me.

It also sucks (for me, at least) that MS has so many franchises that I do thoroughly enjoy that they’ve all but abandoned over the years. The Initiative’s big reveal was something I was really looking forward to, and now (again, for me) it’s just another reason to lean Sony’s way, which I kinda hate doing.

Oh well. I’m just one person, it’s not all about me, and I’m sure tons of Rare fans, PD fans and Xbox fans will be overjoyed for this when it comes out. Good for them, really.

Not really. I mean, there’s always room for variation and distinction in the genre, even innovation. “Perfect Dark” played with corporate espionage, so maybe some interesting stuff could be done with the concept of a secret agent that couldn’t be done back then.

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Okay, I should’ve specified… to ME, it’s kinda ridiculous. Yes, there might be some interesting stuff that could be done with an FPS that hasn’t been done a million times already, but to me, this is the rough equivelant of saying "okay, we have some the best fighting game developers from Tekken, Virtua Fighter, Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter and Guilty Gear… Let’s have them make an awesome dating sim.

I’m not saying they can’t do it. I’m saying that taken at face value, one would ideally expect, if not hope that you’d bring in experts in something specific to do something in the neighborhood of that thing they’ve excelled at in the past. To me, that seems relatively logical.

It’s not really the same thing, though. It’s sort of like different flavors of shooters. On one hand, you have very over the top shooters such as “Doom Eternal” that embraces the cheese and fast-paced, manic-levels adrenaline rush, but then on the other you have games like “BioShock”, “Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners”, “Condemned: Criminal Origins”, “Return to Castle Wolfenstein”, “F.E.A.R.” or “Doom 3” which emphasize a more methodical and slower pace (at times) and storytelling. And of course there are some really excellent DOOM mods which transform the games altogether into something unique and different. The point is, the fact that the game is a shooter shouldn’t negate it from being a dark neo-noir thriller, it’s what’s done with the material. Ideally, I would want it to be a good game first, regardless of whether or not it’s first or third person.

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Well yeah, I’d want it to be a good game as well. And while I recognize that not all first person games are the same, a game’s theme doesn’t do nearly as much to separate it genre-wise if the primary focus of the action is on shooting. A first person shooter is a first person shooter regardless of where it takes place or what happens between action sequences.

I know that opinion sounds reductive and perhaps a bit dismissive, but while many genres that proceeded it or rose to popularity while shooters have been king have seen ebbs and flows, shooters are so prevelant year after year, regardless of how similar the action is or what unique weapons you get. So yeah, you can have a spy thriller, a space marine game, a game set in hell or world war 2 or under water, but if the you’re spending most of the time doing the same thing over and over and over and you don’t see your character, it starts to look like the same idea reskinned, with changes that don’t feel overly unique or compelling.

Again though, this is just my opinion. If it wasn’t blatalntly obvious already, here I am, fully and openly expressing the opinion that I personally find little value or enjoyment in the FPS genre in 2020. I loved it back in the 007, Quake 3 Arena and Halo days when the genre was still growing in terms of graphics, ideas and storytelling, but I’ve played enough of them over the years to the point where most of them blend together in to one homogenous blob of an experience with only minor differences here and there and a few decent narratives to follow.

So my hope for Perfect Dark was to see the character; to be able to do unique gun-kata type stuff that I could see, or at the very least some type of cool gymnastic / ninja type stuff with this awesome secret agent with high tech stuff. Now, any of that stuff that I get will be minimal, replaced with the idea of shooting, shooting and sniping and using some tech weapons and more shooting. Been there, done that.

I’m hoping they have some really fun, compelling stuff that separates this game. Cyberpunk’s aesthetic got me to buy in (which I’m completely regretting, but that’s a different story), so maybe I’ll try and kick that football again with PD.

Yeah, there is the tendency of retreading the same path over and over again within the genre. There are notable divergences. For example, “Megaton Rainfall”, “Edith Finch”, etc.

Who is to say that the game won’t feature those elements? It’s possible that it might. Hell, for all we know they might do something like “The Suffering” and give you the option to do both third person and first person.


Ah, “Cyberpunk”. A shame that it’s so glitchy and that it’s suffering from its various problems. That said, I might give it a try as soon as the problems are fixed - it looks like a game up my alley.

Well they thought Duke Nukem Forever was gonna be great. Sadly it was not. But since governors have us all locked up like days, anything to distract from the hell we’re in now.

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Well, in the case of DNF, it’s a little bit more complicated. It had potential to be great, but yeah, it’s pretty bad. Hopefully that’s not the case with this new “Perfect Dark”.



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Insiders describe ‘fast and furious’ exits from Xbox’s Perfect Dark studio | VGC (

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