New "Mortal Kombat" Movie First Look!

I have to say I love Jax’s arms - that’s really cool! Liu Kang and Kung Lao look good as well, although I’m a bit concerned about the kind of cheap look to the picture quality and costumes. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against low budget movies whatsoever, but the images kind of have a cheap look so far that kind of reminds me of “Legacy”. Scorpion and Sub-Zero look good as well, although it really seems like they’re drawing elements from the “Legacy” series such as they’re being from feudal times(?). Really interesting tidbit about the kunai, as it actually puts a much more personal touch to Hanzo’s spear that I really like if it’s true.

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One thing I can give is that the characters do look the part. I’m hoping to see Reptile in the movie too.

Though some folks don’t seem to be welcoming this new character from the film. But hey, you could argue the timeline thing, so I doubt this would harm the series in any way.

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I don’t mind the new character, or the idea of him, just so long as it doesn’t interfere with the other characters’ presence in the same way Alice in the RE movies had where everyone else is incompetent but she isn’t, with her showing up everyone in the films like those Mary Sue-type characters in badly written fanfics.

Indeed, He’s likley someone who is for the tournament.

But considering we’re also seeing Nitara in the film it does make me wondor if she will be a cameo or will her role be small.

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Nitara’s in? Seriously?

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Kabal will be in the new Mortal Kombat film reboot too along with Mileena

Man, it sounds like it’s going to be an awfully crowded movie. I hope characters are given a chance to shine.

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It may depend/ Still I do hope Reptile is in.

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Same here.

No Johnny Cage, no thank you.

Funny you mentioned him. There are rumors that this “Cole” character is actually Johnny Cage.

New character posters announced: Mortal Kombat: HBO Max Movie Reveals Killer Character Posters (

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I saw these

Every one was good. Mileena wasn’t awful though the biggest and only flaw is she’s missing her Tarkatan Teeth

I love Sub-Zero and Kung Lao’s costumes. Scorpion and Jax look good. I like the kind of Chinese warlord armor look that Shang Tsung has on. But yeah, in general, everyone looks a lot like their game counterparts. Reading the synopsis, though…I’m a little worried, just because I’m getting some bad fanfiction vibes. Also not crazy that Sub-Zero is now portrayed as Shang Tsung’s best warrior. I mean, he kind of was in the original movie along with Scorpion, but thing was that it indicated that Shang Tsung had killed and enslaved the both of them, so it kind of made sense. One thing I really can’t help thinking about, though, is if they’re going to feature Goro at all.
Visually, again I can’t help thinking about “Dragonball Evolution”. I hope this is good.

As far as story goes its pretty much another timeline so we’re not sure whets going on. Honestly, its pretty much canon at this point that Bi-han would be fighting on the side of evil.

though I did notice that Goro seems to be absent from this film which is a shocker in itself sense Goro was always present during a movie based on MK1.

The one thing I’m expected to be disappointed by is Reptile’s Absence. With a reveal of the cast so far and the move being out in 2 months I guess I’ll wait for a sequel. But that’s assuming this film is good.

I’m gonna see it in theaters but keeping my expectations at a realistic-low level.

Saw the trailer and I’ll gladly eat my words.

Reptile and Goro seem to be in.

although I suggest you watch certain parts to avoid spoilers.

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Saw the trailer myself and heard the director’s breakdown. From everything that he said and from what I’ve seen so far, he does seem like a genuine fan. That’s an encouraging sign.


Yeah that’s the upside to it too. Though I think they gave a way abit too much early in the trailer.

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Yeah, that’s always the tricky thing with trailers. That said, there are still elements that have me curious. I could have sworn at one point I saw Smoke, although it’s possible that shot was merely Sub-Zero being teleported in through a portal or something.

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It could be smoke

Update: Okay its sub-zero

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