New Mortal Kombat movie! (Fake?)

I didn’t even know they were making one:

And it might be fake:

Facebook is full of these fake posts and videos. It gets old. Especially the " I want these actors to portray these MK characters in the movie… who would you pick?"

Id rather they not make a movie… Hollywood cant get anything right.

As “bad” as these movies and web-series are, I still enjoy them. I wouldn’t mind getting more of it. :stuck_out_tongue:

I tried to watch the series and after the first few episodes with Kano, Jax and Sonya…I lost interest. But the first few were pretty cool.
the movies are just bad though… they could be so awesome but Holly wood just makes the stupidest stuff… I dont understand why Hollywood movies have that…super unrealistic approach.

Id rather it have some unknown director and production company and make something… cool

I loved the first MK movie way back when. It had the right amount of campiness mixed with a fun, martial arts movie (and a healthy dose of 90’s music lol). The second movie was terrible, and while I kind of enjoyed the more recent stuff, if just didn’t really seem to go anywhere. Didn’t really enjoy the mini-story approach, though I suppose that’s cheaper than a full on movie.

Still, it amazes me that something with a story like MK’s and characters like MK’s can’t somehow cobble together a good enough narrative with characters, action and effects that aren’t terrible.

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