New Mode Ideas You Would Like to See in Fighting Games

Thinking back on Shadow Labs and Shadow Lords in KI got me thinking what else traditional FGs could do to innovate their content offerings beyond characters, stages, and cosmetics, and I thought a discussion of these ideas would be fun. I’ll start:

Online Survival - An online gauntlet where you are matched up against other players until you are defeated. The longer you last, the better the rewards you earn. (Possibly time-limited access as an incentive to participate and avoid bad player pools.)


Sudden Danger Match - the match starts with both players’ Health Bar set to Danger for two rounds. One mistake and the match will end quickly before it can last.

Better AI. Whether that’s Shadows style player copying AI or just better CPU decision making that isn’t button reading garbage. It seems like the AI is either set to “let you win” or “destroy you for touching a button.” And not just KI, everything.


2p rematch



You are among the top google results when searching for “2p rematch” XD

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How about a speedrun mode where your timed to see how fast you can beat the arcade. Also how about a open world story mode kinda like from the 3D Mortal kombat’s.

2v2 modes but done like in MK9, less chaotic.

Marvel style of 2v2 or 3v3 does not click for me. I dont like infinite combos and particle effects in such quantities that game could be played without textures is too much for my eyes personally.


lol, a training montage mini game with random inputs and button presses. eye of the tiger hahaha


I’d love to see a game that allows you to create a game within the game. It’s something I’ve always wanted to see and I sincerely doubt it’ll ever happen because I seem to be the only one that wants this lol.

So here’s what you’d be able to do:

Create Characters: The level of Soul Calibur’s character creation and customization tools, but taken to the next level with tons of different items and variations on items and color wheels to change everything to suite your taste.

Create Movelists: To a degree. You could select the archetype you’d want, and there would be several options per archetype as well as weapons and special moves within movelists.

Obviously the move lists have to come pre-balanced or the characters will be broken. But there could be a huge suite of special moves that do the same thing, but look different, throws that you can choose from as well as different looking projectiles that have different effects and colors (again, within the predetermined balance), as well as different types of teleport animations, different versions of the same kick / punch moves, combos, etc.

Enough variety in everything so that the player feels like they’re editing and customizing the move list to their liking without sacrificing the balance needed to make the game function properly.

Create a Select Screen: With an in-game camera, you can pose the character (like in Tekken 7), zoom in or out, take the picture that will go on the select screen, set the background behind the picture (from templates), choose a select screen backdrop, whether characters will appear on the select screen (like the old MK games, for example), the animation that occurs when a character is selected (again, from a list of predetermined animations), etc.

Create a Voice: I’m not sure if this can actually be done, but for players that have Kinect, it’d be cool if the game could actually use your speech for character names, the intro word like “Fight” or “Engage” as well as some sort of round or match victory word. Maybe you can even assign a voice word to a few moves per character as well. Probably not, but it’d be pretty cool if you could. Maybe there are even modifiers that you could use on the voice? Like to sound female if you’re a guy or demonic or whatever. Again, probably not, but it’d still be cool.

Create a Theme: Another likely impossible addition, it’d be great if players could choose from a list of thematic styles that would give players theme specific stages to fight in, and players could also choose to pull in stages from the regular game as well.

Create a Secret: Players can choose to leave certain characters off of the select screen and choose one item from a list of predetermined conditions that a player would have to meet in order to challenge a hidden character to battle. They would also have the option of choosing whether defeating the hidden character unlocks the character on the select screen or if a condition must be met on the select screen to choose the hidden character.

Create a Story: Using predetermined templates, the player could both write a character bio that shows up in game as well as a character ending for when you beat the arcade mode. Perhaps there could also be another template that appears before or after a match of the player’s choosing, such as a vendetta match or something along those lines.

Lastly, templates can be chosen for the intro and ending of the entire game. Players can choose if the text simply shows up on the screen, slowly scrolls on the screen, etc. If voice work can actually be used, then maybe the player can actually speak their intro and final game ending.

Custimize Existing Content: This would allow players to use assets from the actual game for their own game, so if they like a character in the game, they could bring them in, change their outfit, customize some of their moves, maybe change a throw animation here and there, rename them and write a new story for them, etc.

While I’d love to say that players could then share their games online, I could see a million and one problems with trying to police this type of content, so I’d be fine with either playing it locally only or maybe some mechanism that allows people to only share their games with friends or something like that. Not sure how that would work or if it’s even possible.

Also, I recognize that a lot of this stuff is unrealistic and problematic from a development standpoint. I mean, how many templates and moves and what not can you actually put in to a game to give players enough choice to where this is something people would actually be interested in, and would most people be interested in it regardless? I know I would, but that’s just me. :slight_smile:

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SF X Tekken got a lot of negative publicity for its gems and on-disc DLC, but as a slower moving tag team fighter I thought it was really great. I had kind of hoped that MvCi would move in that direction, but it didn’t. Still, a tag battle on that pace but still with interesting tag combo interactions would be a fun option for KI. I don’t think it could be done with this game, but a future game maybe.


This should be incredibly simple to do, although I don’t know if they could code it into the current game.

I pulled it out because it’s brilliant and something I never would have thought of. It’s also especially well suited to KI because the announcer has comparably lots to say compared to other fighting games. You could record all the combo names etc. A lot of ideas would be a lot of work to make and result in only a small amount of fun for the user. But I think this is definitely one that would see a ton of use.

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Thanks, man! Really appreciate it.

Yeah I think something like that would be great for KI and I could see some people having fun with it, especially if there were a way to run your own voice though some different effects to make it sound like a KI announcer, an MK announcer, or something else entirely.

Kinda like where I took the idea just above this, I tend to go too far with a lot of these ideas. I tend to want too much; Soul Calibur’s create a character mode, only much bigger, coupled with Tekken 7’s ability to use a camera to create pictures of the character, MK Armageddon’s ability to edit move lists (though not specifically create it as much, as to protect the balance of the character) plus layers and layers of templates for select screens, pre-match versus screens, intros, endings, etc etc.

This is the kinda stuff that I’d love to see, but I’m honestly under no illusion that this is something that many other people would love to see. I just figure that for those the get angry at a game’s story and have always wanted to simply build their own game, this would be a cool tool… Kinda like the Garage Band of fighting games, if you will. If that makes any sense whatsoever lol.

Well, to an extent. You’re not creating the actual moves like Fighter Maker, of course.

Ultratech Force! Tekken Force style!

Ultratech super soldiers with various fighting styles.

How about a tag team mode too? Can’t have single mode forever.

Better Bosses - Most 2D FG bosses are just buffed versions of existing characters in the roster or generic ‘wall monsters’ all designed to be very punishing if they open you up. Maybe FGs could expand beyond this and create novel boss encounters that are both fun and challenging and help new players exercise fundamentals. Like, say, a boss that likes to crawl on and attack from the ceiling, and is designed to challenge players’ anti-air, air-to-air, and juggling skills? Or a boss that focuses on zoning can require a lot of strategic jumping, dashing, and blocking to beat him?

(On this note, I remember seeing an old obscure Fighter-style game on Maximillian’s stream a while back that seemed to be exclusively a co-op boss rush against huge monsters and it looked really fun. Can’t remember the name, but recall it being Egyptian-themed.)

Id like to see a mode where you cant play online with less than 90% connection speed and a symbol displaying wifi or wired connection.
Just played a match where the guy had 2 coffee cans and a string of yarn as his INT connection.

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  • Commentary mode

Allows you to analyze matches in-game and put annotations or add your voice over to replays.
Basically any feature that allows you to analyze matches.

I believe KI is such a complex game and combo assist is great but understanding the on-screen mayhem is probably what a lot of new players look for. “What just happened?” “How did he do that?” “What is the timing on this combo?”

  • Rhythmic combo practice

Add musical beats to learning combos in a practice mode. I think KI with it’s musical ultra is awesome. I’d like to see this in a game mode, trials for example, where music and beats (like Rez) help with execution of moves. Or simply have something similar just for fun.


Legacy Mode - just like Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm’s Story Mode and Mortal Kombat’s, fight all of the actual matches that took place in the Novella/Comic Book and the canon matches until the final match.

A story mode that basically would be a game like assasin’s creed or the wichter. In a universe that you can run and search around but when you fight, this happens in the 2d fg way. I would like any point of that universe to be a potential stage.

While your at it, allow us to make not just humans or huminoids but also monster characters like reptilians, elementals and so on.

Everything above and Scene transitions where you can combo into them and finish it on another stage.
Imagine starting an ultra on one stage. Canceling it combo them into the next stage and finishing it there.

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