New killer instinct survey

I waked up this morning finding an email from Microsoft, asking me to make a new survey about KI!!
It was about why and how I play and enjoy KI.
Who got this email too? What does it mean for KI future?

I did the survey last night. It simply asked who you mained, and how you played KI. TONS of specific questions. Very good survey over all.

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I didn’t get one… Should I be concerned?

Yeah, I second that. I’ve gotten them in the past, and now I’m scared I junk mail filtered it or something without knowing.

I just take it as a sign of not being “good enough”. As though my participation in the community, my voice here, my enjoyment of the game is not valid. Maybe I’m just reading too much into it, but when you go your whole being told your just a dumb beast you eventually begin to believe it. Oddly enough in the human mind a little validation regardless the source can start to mend that self image.

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Or maybe they are doing them in waves. I’m just gonna be patient and wait it out. No need to jump to conclusions, I’ve done that too much this week already.

what?? why? what happened? you just feel that for not getting an e-mail? I don’t even check the MS e-mail often at all =S

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@MaruMDQ Come on man, nothing gets solved by being overly melodramatic.

@GeneralScrebor, There’s probably a reason in sound logic as to why we’ve not gotten one yet, so there’s no need to worry, give it time.

@IronFlame I’m not being melodramatic, I’m just concerned Screbor thinks that way for not getting an e-mail

I really don’t care about the e-mail that much.

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I know I’m just nuking it. And I know that the operative word here is “yet”. I don’t even know why my line of thought follows the path it does. It can’t be a self esteem issue, I am less than one week from graduating Nursing school, the fulfillment of my life’s dream and work. So I know I’m just nuking it, but I don’t know why. Is it because I’m a man? Is this something veterans do? I really don’t know.

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I got one even though I’m as casual as can be. It’s probably randomly seleected or as said in waves of sorts.

I haven’t completed it 100% yet, although it’s surprisingly in depth for a survey. It’s interesting!

Completed mine a while ago. Lots of questions…

I always get them. Dont ever take the regular MS survey though…OMG it takes forever.

This one took a while, just in case anyone is wondering. There are a handful of questions.

are those personal or can someone share a link?

They seem to be personalized and open to people 18 and older. The survey is really fantastic and really highlights all of the different reasons people might want to play KI, both competitively and non competitively. It’s the best way I’ve ever seen of gauging community interest in a game, bar none.

I don’t think the KI community really appreciates how much other games would kill to have community engagement like this.

Great Survey. I have a good feeling that good things will come from this if everyone answers truthfully not trying to be silly

Wow, I feel like that guy who is the only one who doesn’t get that really funny inside joke right now…

It’s always fun to compare answers to in-game telemetry. We don’t do it on an individual level, but rather on a higher, trend level.

Long story short: perceptions are skewed on an individual basis.

Just completed the survey.

Hoping this helps with getting more content/features in the game.