New killer instinct survey

Will every one get a chance to answer the survey?

Cause I’m afraid I junk mail deleted mine and not known it, but hopefully I haven’t got it yet or something else.

I never got the email :confused:

Didn’t get one. :\

Great to hear MS continues to inquire to the masses involving the game.

All this survey stuff, misleading hints, etc are leading me to believe something. While some feel MS Studios haven’t done the greatest job in promoting or highlighting KI, i think they’re far from done with it.

For those that didnt get an email its becasue you are not apart of the MS survey participation. There was a time when you might have been asked if you wanted to help MS making things better by checking said box. If you didnt check that box and submit your email then they arent seeking you out just because you play KI and visit the forums.

And if you did check said box but didnt participate in the last survey then your chance may not be as great in future surveys.

Jus saying.

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I have participated in all the part surveys, and I signed up for the MS survey participation LOOOONNNGG ago, but I didn’t get one this time. So I’m wondering if there’s more to it than that.

Probably not. It probably a RANDOM filter that picks out 100 people or some sort of even number.
I wouldnt worry too much about it.

awww didn’t get one :frowning:
what are the questions?