New Killer Instinct game in active development

Those sound neat. But I want to wait till we see
Game article detailing more new info on this new KI game being in possible active development overall

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This “The Dev is Rare and the game isn’t 2D. It’s going to be a multiplayer arena fighter.” is not from the OG poster. It’s someone randomly writing that in the chat. The OG poster replied to this: “They’re busy with Sea of Thieves and rebuilding Everwild. I don’t know too much about that project though.”, meaning Rare is working on Everwild the Sea of Thieves, but not KI.

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No, because there’s no stock. Here in the GTA, you can find Xbox Series S’, but not Xbox Series X’s. Microsoft Store Canada never has stock, nor does Best Buy,, EB Games, and Walmart.

Your only option would be marketplace sellers who’ve doubled the price, and that’s a hard no.

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Oh, sorry. My mistake then.

One concern I kind of have, though, is that Microsoft might be viewing KI as their Smash Bros equivalent in its inclusion of guest characters. Now, to be fair, I have nothing against guest characters, provided that their inclusion makes sense and that the characters themselves fit within the context of KI, but by the same token, though, the notion that KI would be Microsoft Smash Bros could have a detrimental impact on KI’s identity and uniqueness as a fighting game imo.


Absolutely right and nothing terrifies me more. The last thing I want is yet another season with a more or less loose storyline that sounds like poor fan fiction coupled with little or no character development. I really hope Microsoft and the devs work their best on this.

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A: Doubt
B: Multiplayer Arena Fighter? What does that even mean? I want a new KI god dang it. Not…. whatever that is.

I agree with you on that. KI should be given a chance to bring back classics and make new ones for the roster. We should get at least 1 or 2 guests

I also agree, if this arena fighter thing does become an issue.

Luckily these are still rumors. They may not be all true. For all we know they just brought this up to start a conversation about KI


I still don’t even know what that would mean.

At the same time I kind of really want Battletoads to become KI’s Final Fight, if you take my meaning. I don’t care what you say. Classic KI was goofy as hell and the roads universe fits right in and I’d love to see the two join together more fully.

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Yeah I get what you mean. Sense Final Fight characters did get in Street Fighter. I don’t necessarily agree with the idea of too many guests but we all have our opinions and we are free to agree to disagree on the guest thing.

One thigns for sure Riptor. Glacius, and Sabrewulf would be on my list.

The I’m not worried about the latter two. I know Glacius and Sabrewulf are gonna make it.

I don’t necessarily want too many of them. Like… if a KI roster had 50 characters I’d only want like 6-8 of them to come from Toads. I just think the two worlds fit together really well and would like to see them continue on together.

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Same here, along with Fulgore and Spinal (I HOPE the Cthulhu shield becomes a permanent part of his character - THAT was awesome and really adds a unique dimension to the character).

It’d make sense they would, just because they are legacy characters. Of course, there’s always the possibility that something could happen that would result in their being replaced. I hope that’s not the case.

If I were a gambling man, I’d say that’s code for “make it like Smash Bros.”

I hope not, defeats the point of making it a Killer Instinct title. Why even bother calling it KI at that point?

Personally, I’m choosing at this point to not believe any rumors at all, no matter how reputable. I’m under the line of logic that it doesn’t exist until it exists. Basically, until there’s official announcement of development, this game to me isn’t even real. While I’d have my wishlist of things for a new KI to happen, I’m just not someone who likes to indulge rumors. However, should it come to light this game is real, then I’ll give feedback.

The only thing I could say at this point though, is if there ever were a sequel to be made, I don’t want revolution of KI, I want continuation. The 2013 game was great. It had places where it could be improved, but overall a very good game. However, it’s great because of the core identity behind it, and the fact it’s a 1v1 fighting with the mechanics it has, and I think turning it into a Smash game would just be awful.

And I guess I’ve pretty much said all I really want to on this particular subject.


I agree with the continuation

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Putting them down now as next new potential AND possible guest characters for the next new Killer Instinct game:
Ori, particularly the one from Ori and the Will of the Wisps
Beavis and Butt-Head

I’m not sure what you mean by this. Just to clarify, did you mean you would want a continuation rather than a reboot/remake?

It was good. From a mechanics point-of-view, the combat was largely solid, especially with the ingenious addition of the Counter-Breaker system, although I can’t help feeling that could have been tightened up a little bit, if not slightly adjusted (not by a lot, but just a little). Story and art…it’s very hit and miss in a number of areas, some aspects not really coming together.

Really? But, why though?

That’s… but it’s not 2D…. eh. Doesn’t matter. This particular aspect of the rumor is bogus. It’s not even part of the rumor it’s just a random thing from the comments section.

I mean, I don’t want whatever new developer to try and re-invent the wheel with KI and try to turn it into something it isn’t. KI is not Mortal Kombat, KI is not Street Fighter, KI is not Smash, etc., so it shouldn’t play like any of those games. To re-invent the game’s identity is revolution, something we should particularly avoid.

The game we have now is a very good example of what exactly we should expect of a sequel, but with improvements to the characters play styles, maybe some new mechanics, upgraded graphics for the next generation of consoles. In essence, a continuation of the 1v1 fighting game we’ve come to know, maybe not 100% exactly, because there’s room for new ideas and improvements. Just a natural, progressive evolution from what we have now.


One main reason being Beavis and Butt-Head ENJOY violence and they get a real kick out of it too