New KI with New Developer According to Dave Lang?

If you don’t know Dave is the boss of Iron Galaxy and he just signed the petition to get a new dev on KI. Must be some reverse psychology move am not getting.

It’s a joke I’m pretty sure. Even if he agreed with the petition, online petitions are pointless.

This could most likely be a sign of some internal struggles between IG and Microsoft, and this is Lang’s way of showing people that there’s something wrong, him lashing out.

Maybe IG wants to make more, but Microsoft has put a hold on the project or wants to end it, hence why we haven’t seen or heard anything new about KI for a long time. There’s been no word of whether or not this KI is done or if there will be more in the future… this might be the reason why.

It’s obviously a joke, just take a look at the petition. The one which started is Vlad Kravich, which we all already know, and was banned from this forums.

If anything, promoting this it’s a message for to players, the fool enough ones which demanded multiple times during KI lifespan that Rare(during DH development) and DH(during IG development) should take the project.

It’s easy to put a parallelism between this and the death threaths some EA devs got for Battlefront II. We, the players, are sometimes very offensive towards devs, who are people, not an abstract mass called “EA”, or “Ubisoft”, and sometimes we take videogames too seriously, reaching abrsurd and stupid points like insulting a dev because we don’t agree with the direction a videogame took. Lang seems to be impersonating these players who demands “what they want” as the only right choice, which is selfish and childish.

Lang is a funny guy, and this genuinely made me laugh. I wish I could meet more devs of the games I play, their experiences dealing with us could be… exausting, and they deserve more love from us

On a serious note, I wouldn’t want any other Dev working on KI. IG made an incredible work here, and if KI ever updates again, IG is perfect for it


He is simply showing us a petition by Vlad Kravich.

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If it wasn’t obvious enough to some, Dave is trolling a ridiculous online petition. Even if you aren’t overly keen on Iron Galaxy how could playtonic possibly be a better developer for a fighting game. Sure, i know their pedigree but they are an even smaller independent studio than IG and the only game they’ve released since forming is a mediocre platformer. A genre they had once excelled in.


I think it’s mostly because a lot of them were Rare before who made KI.
I actually don’t know how many they are, or even how many are at IG. Is there a way to find out? Like, does it say on their wikis or their official studio sites how many employees they have?

Either way, I personally think IG did amazing with KI, even if there were some choices done I disagree with. But overall, KI is a great game. DH did awesome starting it, IG did great working on it further.

If KI will get a sequel, I hope IG will work on it.

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Which is why i bought up Yooka-laylee. These are the developers (at least a couple of them any way) who created Banjo Kazooie. One of the best and most iconic platformers ever made. Fast forward to now and that didn’t mean anything for Yooka-Laylee. Sure its a decent game but it has numerous flaws and performance issues. I can’t see them doing a better job in any way than IG for a FG.

I love Double Helix’s KI, it looks and played incredbly but i think people forget how many bugs and lack of polish we had. I was so excited when Spinal released only to find out if you teleport on a certain part of the screen then the game crashes for you and your opponent. There was so many desynch issues and the prison system was so broken.

Either way at this point Iron Galaxy is the team for me going forward. Season 4 or KI2. They just need less time constraints and more quality control.



Sorry for this little sidetrack, but damn… I rooted for Mighty no. 9, was a total disaster and complete disappointment… I rooted for Yooka-Laylee, and was hoping it wouldn’t crash and burn as Mn9 did… and yes, it has its flaws, but I really enjoyed that game for what it was.

Thing is though, they were Kickstarter games. KI is backed by Microsoft’s funding (although on a budget, from what I understand) which make a significant difference. And if Playtonic got KI WITH Microsoft backing them up, then I’m sure it could turn out great.

I don’t doubt Playtonic’s skills. As Rare, they’ve made amazing things. But sometimes without the right funding, the devs can’t realize what they want… But hey, even games with the right funding is full of bugs and flaws (cough EA cough Assassin’s Creed cough)…

I wouldn’t sign the petition, because I have a lot of respect of what IG have done with KI.
But I’d be optimistic should Playtonic have a go at it though…

Just… Microsoft, ffs, in the future, put more money into the game so the team doesn’t need to scrape together reused assets to make new cool characters… come on now…

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People forget to put the nostalgia glasses off.

Killer Instinct(the original) was a game with a lot of personality and charisma, but wasn’t a great Fighting game.

Some characters are just broken, and the game got pretty old quickly in terms of mechanics. If KI would launched with the same combo system as the original, it would be a faliure.

DH first, and IG later, made a great job adapting some of the franchise trademarks(Ultras, combos, breakers…) with a new flavour, fresh, fun and easy to understand, but hard to master.

Rare had no experience making FGs, and you could see that. Nothing guarantees that (either Rare or Playtonic) they could make a great FG nowadays. Also, most of their former members are gone, and some of them even worked in this one(Ken Lobb, for example)


True, Rare was my childhood and I have very fond memories of their games. Flaws and all.
But you are absolutely right. There were flaws. A lot. I mean… Cinder’s infinite backflip kick, come on… XD

But Double Helix and Iron Galaxy were newbies when it comes to creating fighting games as well, yet they managed to pull it off. Because they are fans, they are passionate, they play fighting games, they know the terminology, and if not, they learned it…

Nothing is a guarantee. Just look at Capcom and their fighting games… they are veterans, yet they get so much flack with their later games for just not being good enough…

IG made Divekick and the ports of several Capcom FGs, also several of their members are notorious FGs players with a long story in the scene(notabily, Keits).

They weren’t newies


They were newbies once though. Everyone has to start somewhere.

looks at petition


Maybe he felt bad that the petition only had 3 signatures? Vlad’s been trying to stir up a lot of stuff with the KI community for a while off of the forums for a while now, I think he secretly misses us. Also I wouldn’t be at all surprised if a link to this thread shows up on his Twitter, nor if he calls us “marks” “blind” or any of the other favourite (and more unsavoury) catchphrases he enjoys using to berate the forum community. waves o/

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Poor Vlad kravich… he just doesn’t give up on his pitty party and depressive outlook on life. He is going to be excited though that his petition got a signature besides his own and Raven


Lol Vlad must be thinking to himself “My plan destroy IG is getting closer, I just need 100 random signatures and IG will cease to exist mwuahaha”. The guy really has to find a better hobby or play another game.


Sometimes passion is taken too far, and then we do stupid things…

But… maybe we shouldn’t talk about him behind his back like this.


You mean like him talking about us as the KI Cult in his twitter?

Yeah, we shouldn’t


Well, I don’t care what he does.
And I’d like to at least try to be better than that.
If you don’t, well… that’s up to you.