New KI in 2018 or 2019?

I just read an article stating that KI wouldn’t be receiving anymore support. Just…why? Are you guys working on a sequel at least? I’ve been on hiatus for a few months but I found this information extremely disheartening. What’s the deal?

You’ve misread the situation then. A few weeks ago, they released a gameplay patch containing what was their last major gameplay changes for a while. That isn’t to say they are done updating the game, but until a new content drop, they are done with the game’s current balance and are going to let players stay with this version of the game for the foreseeable future. At this point, and for probably a little while into 2018 it’s likely the version of the game we’ll be playing will be stable and unchanging, save for bug fixes and major imbalance issues that may pop up from discoveries of new tech.

They never said the game is done or there will be no new content ever. It’s a misconception that’s been spreading for a while now. Just that the balance of the game will receive no major changes until something new drops.


Link, or it didn’t happen:


Silly question. Game is 4 years old, what’s weird about devs stopping adding content?


This, This, This, SOOOOO much This!!!


4 years isn’t THAT long… Maybe for today’s standard it is, idk.

Well Warframe has been out for the same amount of time and it’s still getting content so it’s not that far fetched for devs to be supporting a game long after its release.


Guys, they are still supporting this game, but the content isn’t in the traditional sense of what we usually expect as “support.” Instead of new characters and stuff like that, they released a new edition of the game for a new chunk of the PC market that has cross play capability, and are probably doing some fine tuning to ensure that the game is ready for the Xbox One X to hit, because it will play in 4k when it does.

Also, Street Fighter 4 by comparison was getting additional content for years after its launch in 09. If you support it, it will continue to grow. We just got to show the player base is growing and is open to anyone who wants to try it.


My hope is that they release a version of the game with proper lobby/exhibition support for crossplay between Steam/Xbox (a lobby code, basically, that lets this feature be even remotely playable) and fix the Rash ultra bug. But I think they are more or less completely done with updates for this game. Heck, they aren’t even fixing the bug that prevents Eagle from being playable on some accounts, which means not something this serious is even on their radar anymore.

I think support for the game is 100% done with the Steam version’s release. I would love to be proven wrong, but I don’t see it.


I know they are still patching. One of those quiet small patches fixed a shadow lords issue that I had and some others would have run into. I was asked if I could see if the SL problem was fixed, and I told “them” that it was. “They” said that they wanted to make sure, because they would put it into the next fix if it wasn’t.

They might be done with Balance patches, but I know the game is still being patched.

Warframe 24-hour players peak is 111336 players.

KI is 132

Like, what are we even talking about?

I meant it as an example of a game whose devs keep on updating the game despite its age however, if KI is no longer receiving any support it’d be pretty reasonable. Only reason I believe they may still support this KI is due to one of the devs saying so long as people play KI they’d keep making content.

I actually bought it for a friend on steam.

Well, the highest I wish for this KI is Ultimates for rest of the cast and maybe that darn password system for crossplay.

Like seriously, making lobbies and TRYING to get matched with your buddy just DOESN’T WORK.


Couldn’t agree with that more. My highest hope is for omen and the other remix characters is to get a retro costume of some sort. Take Kilgore for example, his retro could be his accessories that he has now to make it look as if that was how they were supposed to be designed but were scrapped and so his default is what we have now with all the armor plating removed and rusted. I doubt we’ll ever get this though but a man can dream.

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Kilgore is retro at default.

Honestly, my impression is that this game is done with content. The maximum we gonna is some bug fixes for the time being. The developers obviously will never say otherwise.

And if comes a sequel, i wanna a tag battle game.
Exchange enders. Combo breakers with assist from the other chars. THIS STUFF LOL

Can you post a link to that article? I haven’t seen anything in the gaming media outright stating that KI wouldn’t be receiving anymore support. All I’ve seen is what IronFlame put out there.

As for what else we can expect, I think that Ultimates for the rest of the cast is the best case scenario.

That said, I just want to throw out there again that I’d LOVE to see a 4th Season with more characters, stages, etc. I’d love to have more of this awesome game. Who knows, radio silence on their end doesn’t necessarily mean they’re closing up the shop on KI, but I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. If we hear anything in the “near” future, it’d be at KIWC or around E3. After that, your guess is as good as mine.

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm … :frowning:

KI is 132

that’s only for steam version. i can’t find too many people on steam but whenever active to crossplatform it doesn’t take a 2-3 minute to find someone (europe). it seems like very popular on xbox.

however comparing fighting games and mmorpg not a thing. mmorpg good way to milking peoples money :smiley: