New High Level Unlocks?

So I’ve been doing some thinking, and I thought it’d be swell to have some more unlockable in game goodies for progressing your Player/Character levels. Doesn’t need to be super serious (perhaps), just some new goodies.
I know there will be more unlocks incoming for playing Shadow Lords, I’m just curious if there were other options on the table for later down the line.
I’ll give a few examples of my own, and leave the rest to you guys.

Character Level 50:
-Similar to how Concept Art is unlocked for some lower levels, it’d be cool if hitting Max Level allowed you to view the character’s hero art in game.
-An achievement, perhaps. This way the Hero Art you unlock can be used as an Xbox background if you like.

Player Level:
-An increase in attainable Player level to unlock new goodies, such as new profile customization options, KI2 music (and maybe the themes from Battletoads, Halo:CE, GoW, and maybe other themes from guest franchises we may have along the line) for practice mode, and other swag.

All Characters to 50:
-Maybe I’m a bit selfish on this one, but it’d be neat to have a badge of honor for maxing out all of the characters from a given Season (or in some of our cases, every Season).

These are just examples I’ve thought up. What do you guys hope to see? Do you care? And what to the powers that be think of these sort of options?


I dont understand why all levels cant be infinite. Just dont let the counter stop, right?

It seems like such an easy thing to create, and it has no bad effects at all.

Then, if they ever make a reward for the higher levels, or make rewards for later levels (100 - 1500 etc. ), everyone who meets the requirements can receive them immediately.

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Because then it would feel the same as having a cap at 50. The point of increasing the level to something more substantial is the feeling of being rewarded. If the cap is non-existent than it loses its value.

Take BF3 for instance, Colonel was the bar as in one of the top levels someone could reach. But, it extended even further to Colonel 100 which was cool in its own regards but sort of got carried away with how much XP was needed to rank up.

Let’s not forget to mention that it is a fighting game and the leveling up system is most common amongst shooters or RPGs, especially at higher levels.

Personally, I like knowing I have made it to one of the highest levels without taking away the feeling of accomplishment by having an infinite level.

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I dont feel that ranking up in a shooter is the same as ranking up in a fighter.

In a shooter, ranking up is most of the time the ONLY thing keeping you playing. The ranking system gives you something to play for. If BF, COD, and Halo had no ranking systems at all, they would probably not be around any more.

But with fighting games, the ranking system seems redundant to me. Getting to lvl 50 isn’t a big achievement because if you decide to play a character as a “main” or “pocket”, that means you KNOW you will be playing them for MUCH longer than it takes to get to lvl50. To be halfway decent with a character, it takes about a week of time, which will get you to lvl 50 easy (sometimes twice).

That’s why it should be infinite. so that the people who “main” a character can judge the dedication they put towards the character by comparing their lvl to other players lvl. And it gives a more clear picture of who you are fighting in the VS screen.

I think that Level 50 should be the hard cap, as it’s not an easy benchmark to get to if you’re talking about content collection and overall game completion. Well, maybe one or two characters, but the whole roster?

Personally, I think that after level 50, we should be talking about prestige items. Certain things that would show you have a lot of experience with a specific character as a sort of measurement, but without being measured in unlockable content that goes beyond prestige.

I could see the profile card helping in this regard. Maybe after level 50, you start getting ranking names based on how many matches you’ve played beyond your final level with a given character. Things like 10th Kyu down to 1st Kyu, then 1st Dan up to 10th Dan, then have a wide variety of ranking names after that. Twenty, thirty, fifty etc all all the way up to Grand Master or something like that. Yes, this is basically Virtua Fighter 4’s kumite system, so it’d need some KI adaptation.

But maybe people collect stars that show up under the profile icon when you use a specific character and every ten stars you get with that character, you receive a new ranking name and unlock a new belt icon that you can use on your profile when you pick that character, which denotes your new ranking name.

You could have fifty, eighty, a hundred or whatever color combinations for the belts to go with all of these titles, and maybe there could be a cool animation for every time you gain a new name and belt. Maybe each character has their own specific belt for when you reach the highest rank, like TJ could have a world heavyweight championship and Sadira’s could look like an amalgamation of metal spiders or something.

So for example, you could be a Shogun rank with a black and yellow belt with Sabrewulf, and you gain stars through match count and victories in online and offline modes to advance him to the next ranking and belt. But then if you pick Kan Ra, your Shogun rank and black and yellow belt are replaced on your profile with a Master rank and a belt made out of gemstones and bandages with a turquoise colored KI logo on it because that’s what your rank and belt obtained with Kan Ra are. But then you switch to Cinder, who you’ve just started advancing beyond level 50 recently and he has a green belt and the designation of 5th Kyu.

So you can choose the belt you want to use for each character you unlock belts with, and it shows your star count and rank automatically. The belt, the stars and the rank name would be your prestige rewards for taking that character beyond level 50.

Again, just to drive this home, I think that anything after level 50 should be prestige unlocks for you and your character of choice. That way, collection / completionists wouldn’t have to feel compelled to get every character up to a higher level beyond 50.

@developers Would something like this be possible? I know it’d be a rather sizeable undertaking, but I think it could be really cool for people that like to specialize with one character or simply people that like playing and already have most or all of their characters up to level 50.

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