New expansions?

So I was wondering if there were any plans on expanding this mode. I already know that eyeful had an expansion. I think it would be cool if shin hisako got her own expansion.

Well, there are at least 2 new Guardians on the way, and Tusk got a new quest chain. So my guess is that Shadow Lords will continue to grow as long as they can manage

If they do a 4th season, I’d love it if they built a full on tournament / story mode involving all of the characters in to Shadow Lords.

Granted, they’d probably have to change a few things like perhaps characters would automatically enter your party and you could only use a certain character for every match, but actually having a tournament ladder of 32 characters, playing each match plus several other matches that happen outside of the tournament along with matches that maybe get interrupted or end without a resolution; all in the name of advancing the story for every single character toward a final canon conclusion of the story for this game and all of the characters in it… I think that’d be an awesome send off.

Of course, that likely won’t happen, which is fine, but as far as new expansions, as Fwifikins said, we’re getting more guardians and Tusk just got four new missions. I could see them adding more consumables down the line as well. Maybe if there is a 4th season, we could more realistically see content similar to what the season 3 characters received, plus perhaps some more stuff for the season 1-3 cast.

They just added some missions for Tusk, so I’m sure they’ll add more over time.