New CU tomorrow morning! 3.3.1


Oh boy! I can’t wait!!

Sweeeet, hopefully the patch notes go up soon.

Patch notes tomorrow?

I hope they give us some idea on the early access for Shadow Lords while they’re at it. The silence about that is driving me mad…

Eyedol nerfs ftw! Does that mean no more ban?


Patch notes after update is live? Heh.


I really hope Eyedol get few nerf. If he get “not bad” nerf, then I will use him at Absolute Battle! :smiley:


I can’t wait for the RAAM buffs that I can only assume are coming.


Cmooooon Kryll Teleport!

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that would tooooooo OP! XD

Aka Krylleport. I just want Kryll Rush to be useful.


Awesome, looking forward to see what they have changed.


I hope they fixed Jago & Kims ultra rhythms they have been out of sync since a month ago


Kan-Ra, as well. It’s kind of a bummer.

On topic: WOOT
Time for some nice normalization.

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No pls they just fixed it, during Kim’s ultra after the first 5 hits, the character “death” scream would play and that would be it, but now the final hit of her ultra when the character lands on the ground they let out a final yell. And THATS PERFECT

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I didn’t realize anyone had banned him. :stuck_out_tongue:

Not for AB7. They’ll likely remove the ban after AB7 if Eyedol nerfs do come.

Just don’t make me re download the whole game again, that’s not the smartest way to “patch” a game. I think i ve downloaded the whole thing 3 times now.

I’ve redownloaded the game so many times over the past 2.5 years.