New Combo Trait Confirmed for 3.4 Update

True, animations are pretty expensive. If IG could not create new animations for their own story modes I doubt they would do it for a single balance adjustment.

They did it for Sadira for salticide. And they’ve had plenty of time to consider/plan this change.

Maybe she will have aerial enders. Widow bite could leave the opponent on the ground while Sadira is in the air and Web cling could do the same but have her land behind the opponent.

Whatever it may be will dictate if I return to using Sadie full time again. This juggle centered low damage game play is not my cup of tea. I can put in far less effort with hisako and murder people.

Also @Fwufikins, calling sadira "bae"dira is an insult to injury. You’re calling her SH!Tdira, bro lol really? We know she isn’t where she used to be but she’s not that bad rofl

OMG my Spider queen??? Finally they understood

@SoSRaGnArOk BUT the fact this good niews came from a Hater mouth got me like

lomfao . just kidding @SonicDolphin117 :kissing_heart: thank u bro

It’s true, but there may be one or two animations for Sadira (or any character) that were developed and not used for example. I wouldn’t bet on it but it’s possible.

Right, like the unused Glacius crab walk animation.

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I hope it’s something that will increase her damage.

As well as Maya, Kim Wu, and other characters that were given considerable juggle potential for S3.

I really like the idea of air enders, as well as some form of air linkers, if that would be possible without looking and working bad. Her salticidae, for example, might work as a form of linker if they changed the effect it had on a juggled opponent? Dunno, just thinking out loud xD

This would definitely make her pretty unique again, in terms of combos, now that a lot of characters have big juggle potential.

Liking some of the idea here, personally I would like her to have either an air command grab or wall splat.

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They might just make it so light widows bite can flip out, I think that would make sense. Or maybe that heavy widows bite can recapture. I think the fact that you can break heavy widows bite and it does so little damage is a bit unfair for Sadira. Thunder had a similar situation with skyfall and they gave it a ground bounce to compensate.

I wish IG would reveal something soon. I really want to see how my main is going to evolve.

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I’ve actually had some interest in picking up Sadira, because I love Juggles!

Hopefully it’s something good. :slight_smile:

Well Ostriches have always yearned to fly. :smiley:


This comment has made my day.

Well played sir, well played.

I just want to say… “Welcome to Web Nation!”

We Sadiraites are a hated bunch, but that is only because our girl is so awesome that people can’t stand in her light… and or webs. :smile:

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Sadira :heartpulse:

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waiting waiting waiting. what they bring to the table will decide if i stay with sadira, or just keep sticking to hisako

I want air auto doubles. Real air combos, with linkers, and enders. I want to manual into the TC and be able to continue in the air… Like I wanted back in season 2.

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I just hope it’s something damage related, lol

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