New Character to be Revealed Tomorrow during Top 8!

So killing dreams -_-

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its fiction…

Lol! I’m sorry, but we already have three guests in one game! Three guests are enough…


What do you mean?

you wrote it wouldnt make sense if eyedol showed up… but its very fiction and lore heavy. I dont think having a warewolf, mummy, AI, alien, golem, harryhousen skeleton all fighting each other makes sense. Its okay though, its fiction. Sure theyre asking us to suspend disbelief pretty hardcore, but if we can accept all that we can accept eyedol easily. Deus ex machina my friend, you can write yourself into and out of any corner in fantasy. Saying eyedol showing up doesnt make sense means you already have a story mapped out in your head and it just doesnt make sense there.

Who is ‘we’ lol

Sorry, Joanna happens to be more popular than Eyedol. Lol

You’ll see what I mean tomorrow when your fave is still stuck in 1994

The real truth is, the devs aren’t on record saying Joanna isn’t relevant, but they ARE on record saying no to Eyedol. Sorry.

When I say it doesn’t make sense. I’m not applying the logic of real life. I’m applying the logic of the narritive of killer instinct. In the new KI, original and returning character have a purpose in the story. They have either been built up or have a role. Is POSSIBLE that eyedol could be in KI but it doesn’t make sense how ARIA can have the ability to keep eyedol with as little as a mention about it. I’m saying in order for eyedol to be a character, canonically, they either have to make an a#$pull explanation or a very good one.

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I hope it’s not Joanna Dark. She’s just as boring as Eyedol imo. Hope it’s another fighting game guest.

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You’re thinking about the Joanna YOU know.

People said the same thing about Kim Wu in 2013.

‘Whine, she’s boring…!’

You already know who “we”,

But they didn’t deconfirm Eyedol in Season 3… They don’t like original Eyedol in KI1994 because his design and movesets are suck. Now, did they talking about him or deconfirm him?? Nope. We will find out!
One of us will right! One of us will wrong!

LMFAO :joy:

She is boring. I’ve played Perfect Dark and her play style does not fit in with Killer Instinct as well as people think. Also, yeah Kim Wu was a boring character. But that’s what redesigns are for, aren’t they? Meaning, Eyedol has a standing chance as well. But JD? I just don’t see it since she’s a shooter.

Man, now I’m just hoping that the next character is well-received. There are all these people here who are screaming for Eyedol, but move 5 inches out from the fandom and the sentiment on Eyedol is almost universally just deliberate loathing. If you reveal during a big top 8 like Evo you want people to be unreservedly hype, so I hope they’re sitting on something that’ll get the job done.

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I’ve never played her, and don’t care.

You’re contradicting yourself.
It’ll all be ok tomorrow.

If you want to elaborate feel free to send a pm otherwise it’s getting stale.

Eyedol: Fighting Game Character
Kim Wu: Fighting Game Character
Joanna Dark: FPS Character
Master Chief: FPS Character
Master Chief more popular than Arbiter.
Arbiter was chosen because of his play style.

Do you understand now or should I keep going?

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uh playstyle? he plays the same as master chief, you aim, u shoot, get guns, get hoes. i dont understand ur argument either


If you want to elaborate feel free to send a pm otherwise it’s getting stale.

Same if Killer instinct X1/W10 is a kind of remake. They no delete the fact That the Tiger Spirit of jago , its gargos . The fact That Chief Thunder search him brother.the fact That TJ combo have be abused by ultratech. about gargos, he have want come back because eyedol is death by a fight with orchid. Also how complete the story of orchid if eyedol is not here.

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I’ve literally posted less than 3 times here including this one. If you’re getting fed up then just stop talking about said certain issue that’s making you uneasy.

and Arbiter was designed as “Blade of the Prophets” and his weapon of choice is his sword which fits into KI better than needlers and rifles.

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