New Atari console?

There is more news on this coming in 2 weeks stay tuned.

Ladies and gentlemen Atari has just published the offical desgin of there new console and yes these are real.

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I enjoyed Atari a bit back in the day. When my folks would take me over to my grandparents place, my uncles had an Atari and we’d play a bit.

I’m sure there were others, but I mainly remember:

Burger Time: My sister enjoyed it, but I was honestly too young to remember what was going on, so I wasn’t a fan.

Pole Position: Loved it, but I was terrible at it. I’d last like five seconds before hitting something lol.

Custer’s Revenge: I was WAY too young to understand what was going on and the game looked and played janky as hell, so yeah, not a fan.

ET: I really couldn’t comprehend at the time that games could be made that were completely broken and crappy. I kept thinking that I was doing something wrong and couldn’t figure out why I kept landing in the pit I couldn’t get out of. Yuck.

Boxing: Loved this game. My uncle would school me at it, but this was really the first competitive game I played and I had a blast with it. Probably my first real introduction to what later became my love of fighting games.

Pitfall: Absolutely loved this game. Wasn’t good at it, but I remember really enjoying swinging from the vines and trying to time jumps and what not. Granted, this game felt insanely obsolete once Super Mario Bros came out, but for it’s time, it was a fun experience.

A buddy of mine had an Atari Jaguar and while the controllers were terrible (still don’t get why they put a number pad on them), I remember having a good time with it. I was really in to fighting games at the time, so I actually enjoyed Kasumi Ninja and Ultra Vortex. We also played a decent amount of Alien Vs Predator, but I wasn’t a fan. I just wanted to play Kasumi Ninja lol.

So as far as this new box goes…

Does Atari have any first party development studios? Any worthwhile exclusive IPs? I can find games that they’ve published, but I don’t see any type of list of actual franchises that they own. Do they own Alone in the Dark? I was also under the impression that many Atari IPs were sold off when Atari went bankrupt, but maybe I’m wrong.

Either way, even if it’s not the same company, it’s still nice to see “Atari” back in the game. I just hope that they can take this slowly, build up some hype and launch with a small but respectable lineup of games that people want to play and a good deal of third party interest.

I’m not sure if they’re looking to compete with Sony, MS and Nintendo or if they just want to enter the market but I do hope they perform well and maybe they’ve learned from the mistakes of Atari’s past (even if they’re not technically that company).

I justfound some news it may come as good or bad news which either ay you put it, atari has confirmed its gonna be doing a crowdfunding to prevent any buisuness risks (which is the dumbest reason) however i just hope Atari is not scamming people like the Clieco Chamileon did thats what im worried about.

Well, there goes even my moderate interest in this.

Actually, this is the only reason for anyone to ever crowdfund anything. But I agree it’s profoundly stupid if this is what they are telling people in their PR.

The basic truth for all crowdfunded projects is this: “We don’t want to risk our own money. We also can’t convince businesses to invest, venture capitalists or other professional investors, so we are turning to a mob of less educated people in the hopes that we can convince them to give us money for something that we may or may not achieve and might come out as a steaming pile in the end.”

That’s just the reality. The reason I am not totally opposed to crowdfunding just on principle is that sometimes professional investors are wrong, or just not interested in products that won’t make a huge return. So, for me, there are two legit reasons to crowdfund something. 1. It’s a unique and visionary idea that is worth taking a 1 to a million bet on because it’s something I would love to see happen. 2. It’s a small scope project that is clearly achievable by the proposers.

A wood grain console is neither of those. There is nothing unique or innovative about a game console, per se. And why would developers start pouring money into developing software for a crowd sourced console?

The only crowdfunded project I ever bought into was Double Fine’s Adventure Game (Broken Age). I’m completely satisfied because the game was good and the project raised the profile of adventurengaming and contributed to a resurgence in the industry. I didn’t support Oculius Rift but I would say it was a good crowd funding project because it was risky and visionary but people really wanted to see it come true. It is similarly spurred bug advances in VR.

But this Atari box? No way.

I would wary with this especially with what Andy was saying. Keep in mind that this isn’t the Atari we know as they have lost the name long ago, if anything this could very well be an attempt to simply scam its consumers as a means to benefit themselves.

Personally, I think it will launch and have a few games here and there but it will surely die out and not too long after, support will dissipate.

It looks really neat and cool already :slight_smile: :grin: :thumbsup:

yeah im not gonna throw a single dollar at it lol. so far my crowd funding experience is 1 for 1. mignty no. 9 was shithouse, and shantae was awesome. im hoping igarashi’s spiritual successor to castlevania is a success.

right now i think its not wise to invest in atari. theyve been in the graveyard and a distant memory way too long. i have a feeling ppl who throw money at them will be burned for their effort

Only things I’ve ever helped crowd fund were the Veronica Mars movie, which I enjoyed, and Igarashi’s Bloodstaind: Ritual of the Night, which hasn’t come out yet and feels like it’s been in development forever (even though I think it’s only been since what, 2014? 2015?)

As far as this Atari console goes, I take a similar approach to it that I take with the Switch. I want it to succeed, but since I’ve been burned on buy consoles that don’t really pan out before, I’ll let other people determine how much of a market there really is and if it winds up being a long term success, with plenty of exclusives I’d want to play, I might buy in then.

Unlike Switch though, this box is crowdfunded, not from the original company, and there’s zero indication that any desirable exclusive franchises will make their way to this system. At least with Nintendo, you know you’re getting Mario, Zelda, Mario Kart, etc. That’s not to say that they won’t have any announcements as far as games go at some point. I’m sure they will. But I’m definitely in the wait and see camp, with more skepticism than optimism (by far).

I do hope that they can pull it off though!