Never tell anyone to quit

Two words to anyone giving that kind of “advice…”

XXXX 'em.

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That makes me this guy:

MY MAN :persevere:


Bruh, you called me Krillen the other day. Those were some fighting words.

@SullenMosquito I hope there is something you can learn, I’m a fairly straightforward person to fight.

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I agree for the most part that we shouldn’t be telling others to just quit the game. I would like to provide two exceptions to that rule, however.

  1. The dude mentioned in the OP and everyone like him. These are elitest scum that are a cancer to ANY fighting game communities and don’t belong among a group of people. Also for the record, MY personal experience with SFV makes me say that THAT game requires more skill than KI does. Big combos are more challenging to pull off in that game among other reasons.

  2. People like the ones mentioned by @GeneralScrebor and @MasterZenek. These are the people who get so mad playing the game that one could safely make the assumption that they don’t really like playing it. One thing these ■■■■-biscuits seem to not be able to grasp is that in EVERY competition (which is what every match in every fighting game ever has ever been) there will be a winner and a loser. Sometimes you wont win. You have to accept that because once you do, you can look back on the fight and reflect on what you did wrong then try to find ways to improve. Constantly calling others “tier-wh*res” (Like was done to @ElWayfarer) or different ways of saying everyone ELSE sucks is step one to never improving. If you don’t see the faults in yourself you will never take steps to fix them.

I hardly ever win online. I play the AI a lot still because I just recently got back into fighting games and I haven’t gotten salty to any of my opponents in those matches (except for the ones that tea-bag me in Fight Cade. There I just close the game and go back to the lobby) because they were better than me. Because I realize this I have noticed myself gradually getting better. I’m still garbage but I’m not ever going to quit because how will I get better at the games I like to play if I do?


Hate it when people do that.

you should probably avoid that kind of language. Try to keep things civil.


Just calling it like I sees it :slight_smile: . I’m generally an affable guy but there are people who actively attempt to ruin someone’s fun on an online game and those people need to be called out.

And they should just quit the game :stuck_out_tongue:



But in all seriousness I’ll try to avoid it from now on. It’s just things like that kind of anger me.

Biggest thing for people to remember is that this is just a game. It’s not a statement of power. It’s not a measure of how much of a man you are. It’s not an application to a cool club. It’s a game, and it seems like this fact is lost on the people who tell others to quit playing it.

Just play the game for the reason it was made: to have fun :slight_smile:


I beg to differ here, Killer Instinct Ultimate Fans, any local Killer Instinct pages are pretty cool clubs to be in. Hell, these very forums! I rest my case :smiley:

It’s a club that welcomes anyone though.


I’m still pending acceptance lol

Although the rank system makes you feel like your victories are pointless whenever you lose matches, that can really mess with someone’s morale overall.

Its more of an internet thing especially xbox than it is a KI thing. I’m pretty sure Ive been told to kill myself on about every game possible on X360. It sucks that if someone actually sends something nice I’ll never know because I don’t read any messages and I’m always in party chat set to invite only the internet gets more and more toxic but this forum still seems to be a bright spot


I said the GAME ITSELF isn’t application to a cool club. My point being that you shouldn’t be required to play at a certain skill level to be accepted in the game itself.

Those sites, I suppose you could refer to them as clubs but even then any of those sites that require you to be a certain skill to join (if they exist) are detrimental to the community.

The people that write messages like that are the ones they usually get beat, so they write a dumb message to the other person who beat them. These people have problems with themselves and like to waste their time to write people messages that have better things to do with their time.

Years ago when i was playing blazblue online and lost a match, I was asked give up? I said no. So what do I get? A message saying that im a loser for not quitting. I was called a noob in mvc3 for using assist. Makes no sense when its a mechanic of the game.

I still use combo assist in KI simply because I can.

I want to play for fun, I can’t really do that if I have to keep track of things like frame data, data analysis traps, timing, etc…

It’s supposed to be fun, not a job. If I come to use these tricks naturally it will be because I gotten good enough that I do it without realizing. But I play with one simple objective… Obliterate.

I’m going to be dead honest, I didn’t think this thread would get nearly this much attention. I just wrote it out of frustration and irritation. I’m sorry I made a scene. The player who sent the message later said that he did it just to get a rise out of me, and It looks like it worked.

Ignore him… This happened to me before. But I still play KI and ignore them.