Never tell anyone to quit

After a recent battle I had in KI, my opponent told me “real talk” that I was so bad and such a loser that I should quit KI and “go back to PS4, VR and SFV, scrub”. I’m using it as a sort of PSA to everyone else out their. No matter how salty you get or how much someone upsets you, you should never tell them to quit. No one should be able to call you out on your passion and tell you that your not good enough to even participate in your own hobby. We don’t benefit from losing players and it doesn’t take much effort to refrain from antagonizing someone.

Now I’ll step off my little soap box and get back on ranked, thank you very much.


I’ve been playing Killer Instinct since launch day in 2013, and I just got my first unfriendly message over the weekend while playing some ranked mode.

This player had a low-level Hisako and was soundly thrashed by my Riptor, and a few minutes later, I got a message: “no life”

Sure, it was a rude message, but I replied with “Yes, you have no more life, & that’s why you lost. Better luck next time! :grin::+1:” (Then I muted the fool)

As awful as some people can be, it’s best to shrug them off and do your best to have fun. If someone’s that angry over ranked mode, they should jump over to exhibition or one of the single player modes for some laid back fun, as opposed to the blood-soaked arena that is ranked. Have fun out there!



It happens. I got a message to go back to the dojo. Guy left after two matches that weren’t blow outs by any means. Funny thing is, the previous two times I fought him I wrecked him.

So yeah, it happens.

I got some hate mail from a guy who thought I was a b**** for using a guardian in a SL MP… This coming from a guy who was using a watcher of his own. I blocked and reported. Then while I was at work, he made two fake accounts and reported me twice with criminal alligations that got me banned from Xbox live comm services for a day. What a deuche

Back to the original post. Love the optimism @Crainiak24 care to spar sometime? My gamer tag is General Screbore

Also @MasterZenek riptor main? Care to spar? Offer is open to you too.


I may have to take you up on that, sounds like fun :slight_smile:

Everyone loves me so I’m having trouble relating to your thread…
H8ters gonna h8te I guess. :stuck_out_tongue:


Well I guess we have to mind ourselves as not to offend those tender snowflakes… Lol, I tried to keep a straight face, and failed.

Boo! Boo on you, ma’am. Boo, I say!

PS. @GeneralScrebor, I realized the last we played I never responded to your message. The PC issue with the Xbox app meant I couldn’t send any messages.

I don’t know why people take offense to live messages online. the moment they drop a line in repute, it’s over. not only did u dominate them online but emotionally as well.

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Roger that

I’ve been called “scrub, trash, free, gaygo, noob.” I sat there for a minute or two after hearing said insults over the mic while he double ultra’d me and finished bagging me. I wanted to quit, he dominated me and I knew I was no where near close to posing a threat.

I wanted to drop my controller and give up. But, I didn’t. Even when I decided I was done competitively, I didn’t want to tell myself I was “bad” because I know now I am good. Obviously I am not at a competitive level, but I am good, and I’ll be damned if someone tries to take that away from me. I know that now, not as a brag, but to acknowledge how far I’ve come.

2014 Cub

Current Tiger

Granted, most of the hate I get is because of the character I main, but still… even with the most recent nerfs, I have managed to maintain my same level of approach and focus.


If someone tells you to quit and you actually do it, then maybe they were right.

True to an extent.

I reply to all hate-mail with the same response everytime;


Drives them completely crazy :stuck_out_tongue:


You’d think that would make sense, but people in Exhibition are as salty if not more salty than ranked players. Rage quits like crazy, nasty nasty messages, I’ve been on a regular basis having to block/mute people. Never had that problem earlier on in the game. Maybe one or two messages a month but now it’s almost daily, and I don’t even get to play that much… I’ve avoided Ranked quite a bit and now I’m leaning towards avoiding Exhibition too. I’ll stick with playing against people on my Friends list or from the forums rather than rando’s, at least then I know I’ll get a set, or even a full match. Worst part is I’m playing characters I’m learning, not even my best ones, and they still quit and rage. No ones perfect, I get salty too, but I get right back in and play a few more.

@oTigerSpirit If you’re not on my friends list, my GT is the same as my forum name. We should spar. I’m down for learning.


I had a tiny bit of experience in Ranked before XBL ran out (waiting on taxes to renew cuz procrastination and fxxk $10/mo.) and wowie the hate. Turns out that people hate patience and projectile zoning, and golly gee young’ns w absent parents and microphones sure can be racist scum.

But the messages… Man, I’ve always been one to let stuff roll off my shoulders, ain’t nothing gonna hurt me, sticks and stones, et cetera. But, man… being told you oughta quit… For whatever stupid reason, it hits home and it is the kind of hurtful that haunts - and from some douche little kid I’ll never hear from again, no less.

Fxck’em though, when you love something you love it. Watch the tapes (or have someone else do so), brush up on what killed you, and next time you come up against those clowns, you just bop’em and move along, no fanfare, all fuel.

i feel like i must be lucking out or something. the only XBL messages i’ve gotten from KI have been “good game”! and i play ARIA! you’d think i’d be getting hammered by salty messages. then again i only win about 50% of the time. lol

Got to say, I’ve hopped back on to ranked to requalify since season 2. And boy have the losses felt utterly soul crushing. Regardless of the triple ultras, salty banter and 50/50 matches however, I’ve learned after that that you perform at your best when you remain cool and collected. Playing while flustered and frustrated will only serve to make you feel hate towards competition and those whom innocently enough outplayed you fair and square. Instead of succumbing to those negative emotions and resorting to quitting something you love to play deep down, take a moment to collect yourself and remember why you play KI in the first place and have fun learning as you go and improving your play further. To quote a father from a relatively popular film “You win some, you lose some, but you live, you live to fight another day!”


I play Sadira. I’ve gotten more than a few sour messages myself. Best one was being called a tier wh*re for using her. This was at the beginning of Season 3.

Best thing to do really is to ignore them. Don’t give them fuel and don’t get yourself riled up about it. Delete and move one. There are many players that are respectful or even tell you how you’re messing up.(Being told I always start a combo with a medium manual into a light linker.) One salted egg shouldn’t ruin your experience. There are many other players to help level up your game.

So much love in online gaming


You have only 2 real options. Either don’t let it bother you, or report them. I report only if it is something that would bother my kids if they got the message.