Never getting a basic arcade ladder mode?

Every fighting game in the world has one but this one. Sure you have Survival, but that’s not the same. And I know you have Story, but that’s only for Season 1 and 2. There are 12 characters who have no basic ladder to climb. Please add one before this game is finally put to bed.


Why are people so obsessed with this, it’s literally content for 30 minutes of gameplay ffs.


I see your point but we do have shadow lords which is made for season 3.
however those so called arcade ladder modes are somewhat boring especially the way that SFV and MvCI have made them, just plain boring.

Because we LIKE arcade ladders? I mean up until this last generation of fighting games where people were like “Why do we have this? Nobody likes it anymore…of course I’m not going to do research on the matter, just claim that nobody likes it, because reasons.” nobody questioned it. It was just the de facto single player mode, and then everything else was built around it.
And now it’s considered the bane of the FG community’s existence for some reason.

Also…30 min per character, not 30 min total. With 29 characters, that’s 14+ hours of content.

And on top of that, aside from a few story elements for everyone, all the ingredients for making an arcade ladder are already in the game, so why not?

Bottom line is different people like different things out of games. Hell, I’d wager there are people out there that play Halo solely for Griffball. But does that mean we should cut out Halo’s single player campains because people like Griffball too? Or how about we just throw them SWAT and say it’s just as good as a single-player campaign?

If you don’t think an arcade ladder is necessary, that’s fine. But don’t knock those that do just because they would like to see a mode you don’t care for.


Plus, and I know I’m probably in the minority here, I don’t think Shadow Lords is actually fun. I hate all of the RPG elements. I don’t play a fighting game to worry about stats and levels and inventory and buffs and all that crap. I play a fighting game to beat people up, somewhat mindlessly. And I also like that it has a quick and definitive end, you play 8 fights then beat the boss. It doesn’t hold you captive to the game for weeks the way Shadow Lords dose, or the way the Injustice 2 multiverse dose.

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Because it’s so simple to put in and is in every other fighting game since 1990. Why isn’t it there?

Yeah I just want to play basic fights. No survival where the health carries over, not SL where you have power ups. Just a basic arcade mode. I never understood why this is ignored and not in there.

I want one too… But oh well I guess.

As much as I like the idea, I’m going to have to disagree on this one.

The old days of the arcade ladders are pretty much done at this point imo.

I’d rather have something new.

Name a fighting game that doesn’t have one. It’s not like it’s hard to put one in. It’s always been bizarre to me they’ve never just done it.

Street Fighter V :stuck_out_tongue:

Capcom says that Street Fighter V WILL have one. But we have NO idea when it’s coming.

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IIRC I thought I heard they were going to do a SFV Arcade Edition? Perhaps with that?

…Yeah, here it is:

That better be fake! They promised that the expansions for this one would just be DLC!

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Well if it tells you anything SFIV’s arcade edition and Ultra editions were simple DLC upgrades despite the title change that came along with them. I would assume SFV would be handled the same way.

By this logic why would anyone want exhibition mode? I mean “Its only like 2 minuets of content!” :B

Comparing playing against other people to playing against input reading or braindead (depending on difficulty) AI spiced with 20 seconds cutscene is not fair.

S3 characters have cutscenes unlockable in Shadow Lords with production value comparable to S1 and S2 endings, so what’s the deal even about.

Neither is saying an arcade mode is unnecessary because you can find bits and pieces of what you want mixed up in other modes.

Look here’s the deal. All the various modes are like making various kinds of bread. A loaf of white bread, a cake, doughnuts, French bread, pretzels, bagels…they all contain essentially all the same ingredients. Flour, milk, eggs, yeast, sugar, etc.
And depending on how they’re mixed each type has a different flavor, texture, sweetness, saltiness. Yet when you’re making a big spaghetti dinner, do you just plop a piece of cake on someone’s plate claiming the ingredients are similar enough to garlic bread the person eating it should be satisfied? No, of course not. You get them garlic bread and leave the cake for dessert.
Same thing here. Yes everything we want from an arcade mode is technically in the game already, just like the bread ingredients…but we’ve had our fill of cake, we want garlic bread now.

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I don’t understand how there is actual opposition to an arcade mode… Do some of you NOT want one? It’s just a basic mode with standard fighting rules, no survival or guardians stuff that is in every fighting game ever made since the dawn of time… Why is it not in there, and why are some opposed to it? The game seems like it’s pretty much at the end, and this is one of the few things missing they never got to…

the other big one being the missing stages for Raam, Eyedol, MIra and Rash… ahem…

The same reason why there has been opposition to the addition of most gameplay content: an understanding that the devs have limited resources and have to make choices, such as 4 extra stages vs Shadow Lords, new character vs another port of the game, Ultimates vs costumes Eyedol vs a new unique character…and because of that a lot of people have and continued to question every aspect of KI, because if they spend time and resources adding in X, they might not be able to get around to Y.
Plus a complete arcade mode has been heavily requested but ignored, so threads keep poping up, and after the 10th thread + some members get fatigued at seeing it again and again because they want to see new ideas as opposed to what they perceive to be beating a dead horse over and over.

And yes, I’m writing out paragraphs of this stuff because I’m bored.

But on the other hand I really, really, really want to see them finish up the arcade mode to include everybody and not just S1 and S2.