Nerf rash

I fall on the side of bitter/sweet here. Yes, juggles are a way to keep things fresh and to help out on a certain characters weakness. With all the talk about nerfing glacius and fulgore, i think this is actually legit and a way bigger problem than those 2. I can break cinders juggles all day but this is just stupid…(video below)

No i know someone’s gonna comment on how difficult the timing is to pull off rash juggles and blah blah blah. but this is just broken. sorry if any of you dont like it.

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It says the video is unavailable.


There are some “chocke” points where Rash has only one or two choices, so is not THAT hard to break him

Also, Rash juggles doesn’t deal huge damage unless he has meter to cash it out.

So, my suggestion would be NOT lock yourself, only breaking the recapture(be prepared for the double punch and break Hard, if you see jabs, go break light).

If he has to use meter to cash the juggles, he is not using for his wake up, where you should abuse him.

Rash is annoying, but he isn’t specially dominant against the vast majority of the cast. IMO he is fine


Well, your video isn’t playing at the moment, so it’s kind of difficult to understand your frustration with him at the moment.

However, Rash isn’t that bad to try and break if you understand what your opponent is doing. First, accept that you can NOT break tongue, as it is a projectile, and trying to while being juggled will create a timed lockout. However, it is also a 0 damage move, as in it produces NO damage to you if you get hit by it. So don’t worry about them building big damage off it. It just keeps you airborne, and it’s near instant startup allows it to juggle when most other moves will fail, but it can fill the KV meter quickly, so they’ll go for a recap or a shadow cashout before long.

I say that because if you are focused on them building up lots of PD and damage during a combo, it will raise your tendencies to panic/overreact/mash, and you’ll make mistakes more easily.

Second, if they use the lp, lp, lp, recap combo at any point, all of it is Light breaker, even the recap. If they use the overhead move raw though, without the lp punch target combo, it’s a heavy. It’s harder to react to, but depending on their habits, or what move they used previously to juggle you, you could probably make an educated guess as to which they are picking next. Moves that juggle low leave little room for startup on the overheard, so they may use the lp target combo into the recap, whereas a high juggle leaves lots of room for frame advantage, allow just a raw recap.

Most of the players who use Rash tend to use combos that, while they juggle, also carry the opponent to the corner, where Rash has some powerful superiority.

Also, if they abuse air Wrecking Ball, they are BEGGING you to anti air them into a combo. Rash has some good jump moves, but aerial wrecking ball makes him so predictable with that huge startup and animation, he’s just too easy to anti air. Almost everyone has, or should have an answer to that one, even if Rash follows up with something like j.MK. As Cinder, I use cr.HP as it allows me juggle and follow up opportunities for combos.

Once you get that video up, and we can see who you’re using, what the Rash player is doing, etc., we’ll be in a better position to help you out.

Just wanted to add here that Rash actually can do lp > lp > heavy recapture. So it’s not always a guaranteed light break if you see the two lights before the recap. However there is a noticeable delay when he does this.

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Sorry, yeah, point taken. That is a little bit height dependent, but it’s also totally possible.

I hate fighting Rash and 90% of Rash players spam the same moves. But as @Dayv0 says, he’s annoying but not especially powerful or dominant in a game full of characters with dirty, dirty stuff.

KI is pretty darn well balanced. I think the word “broken” gets used way too much for things people just don’t like.


opps. vids up

fixed vid. have a look. ya its not broken but jesus

fixed video. see ive seen you say this a billion times that rash dosent do that much damage. Look at all those times rash does these impossible break damage and add all that up in the vid. it is relevant. so i think you might wanna reconsider your viewpoint.

I’ve fought N3aR’s Rash before, and I somehow I had a feeling he was who you ran into online. Yeah, he’s a bit difficult to break, but he uses the tongue a LOT, which on it’s own is only useful to maintain a juggle, in mid combo. What he’s really doing is doing what he does naturally and he makes use of juggle combos to carry you to the corner where he uses stronger setups for corner pressure, especially on wakeup, which the tongue is very good at pestering you.

He’s basically counting on you waking up with a move like a DP or something, and he’ll try to make you frustrated into mashing and making mistakes. With Rash, sometimes you really just gotta block, because he’s got a good bit of negative on block stuff. All big boots are - on block, with increasing strengths being even more so, and even with the run cancel on it, you have time enough to punish a blocked one. Tongue is good up close for block and hitstun, but the more distance between you and Rash, the advantages for both are decreased, as the travel time across full screen adds a lot of frames and is very difficult to combo after, and sometimes can’t be at all. Wrecking balls are goofy unsafe on block or whiff, and only light ram horns is relatively safe.

Since Rash has a lot of unsafe stuff for specials, he relies on good pressure from normals, and uses tongue to suppliment this, as it being a projectile can really help it beat out some unusual moves. It can sometimes beat out a DP with the proper timing, but if nothing else, just adds a little blockstun for him to get in a block string.

N3aR basically migrated you to a corner then did a reset combo followed by some cashouts. The wall splat cashout is damaging enough at level 4, but adding on a throw makes it worse. However, the juggles on their own just don’t generate that much damage, so that’s why he blows out and works to make that blitz style pressure where he won’t let up.

You’re better off blocking some of that really, and then counter attacking with a shadow counter or waiting to spot a hole in the pressure. Grounded, Rash has limited pressure options, and in the corner, he loses his crossup power. Trying to wakeup with a DP against tongue is a bad idea from almost anywhere on screen as the projectile properties of the move beat out most DPs.

Nice use of manuals, though you may want to use some medium manuals a little more as well to mix it up. Also, really liked that risky reset you did when you ended a combo with teleport into overhead for a big damage reset combo.

After watching the video, I only get more convinced of my point

You handled it pretty decently. Its “N3ar”, probably top 3, if not the best Rash in the world.

In your video, you guess breaked some juggles, and the problem is not that: the problem is that you hasted yourself into breaking.

Notice how he uses more heavies once you are locked. Notice how he never counter breaks because he knows you guess break. That means that he knows that you will eventually lock yourself, since he is using juggles (harder to guess break because timing), so he just lets his combo rocks until you doom yourself

Also, you pulled some interesting unreactable mixups with Fulgore. Should they be cut out too? No? Rash neither. Let the characters have dirty stuff. All of them have it.

My personal advice: sometimes you don’t have to break all combos. Not because combo breakers, but damage.

Most people will not go for damaging-easy to break combos, and focus on weak-hard to break combos until a lockdown appear. Just not trying to break will make them focus on the latter, so they will do less damage, so they will need more openings

You are free to disagree, but what I see here is mostly missplay, not broken stuff

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Rash only finished one juggle combo that whole match. It did 21% because you locked yourself out at the very beginning allowing him to go for more damage and a recapture. His other juggles were broken or he was forced to end them and they only did 7%, 8%, and 16%(that last one hurt more because he started it with a raw shadow boot) Those juggles are long, hard to break, and annoying but they don’t hurt. A single throw does more damage than some of those juggles. It’s the follow ups you gotta worry about. That’s where he really killed you.

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I imagined you were talking about that Rash XD. The character alone can be annoying.
I remember playing some ranked against that same player and since I didn’t know the character well enough the vortex got me. I also said “I can’t tell what on Earth he is doing, this is ridiculous”. The way he performs juggles got me so dizzy that I wasn’t sure what to break. It was very frustrating.
I was close, but ended up 2-1 for him.

But as the guys said above: juggles aren’t a bit deal regarding damage and you should look just for a hit you can break. It also helped me going to the lab and check if I could do anything against that tongue. I think it’s an opener too, so when he used tongue and hit confirmed into a medium cross up I would break it.

thanks guys. lol. I really didn’t mean nerf rash. I just meant his crap is kinda nuts. thanks for the feedback all u guys, really mean it.


I think the only thing that I think needs some adjustments is the recovery frames on his Shadow Ram attack. I find it odd that after a successful block, it is still his turn. It doesn’t feel right and doesn’t look right.

In every situation I’m either immediately thrown or Shadow Boot, or punched or kicked. If I block any of these, it’s STILL his turn as he’ll start another frame trap.

The only option I have and only IF I have meter is to Shadow Counter.

Many forward traveling, projectile-invincible shadow moves are either plus on block or even. This isn’t particularly unique or notable among the cast actually.

I dont seem to have trouble with rash anymore. In the beginning he was the worst OMG I hated him but now I seem to know every counter option to his moves. Its not a breeze by no means but I dont dread the match up or feel helpless.
I just had to practice, ask questions on here and execute.

Sadira is my biggest issue in the game currently. OMG rage quit salt, #$%&(())***^…mutha …beeeeeeeeeeeeeep!

rash is a chore to fight, but not nearly as un fun and inserting bamboo shoots under your fingernails as gargos -_-

Another stuff i dont like on rash is sometimes wrecking ball crosses you up on block and messes your anti airs.