I actually do need an explanation, does anybody knows why IG is so much focused in correcting/nerfing little things like the latest Maya/Orchid nerfs (basically manual between every bounce) and lowering the damage when other characters look at the update laughing cause they remain untouched… I don’t get it. Characters like Glacius and Tusk still doing massive damage, I’m not complaining but I don’t understand. ANYBODY??

Orhcid’s I assume is that it’s not a legit combo thing so it’s to be made more breakable? not a big deal really, all you have to do is just counter break.

Glacius does massive damage because he’s a very slow character, Tusk’s gameplay is based around damage. They’re both really slow characters but with Glacius it’s pretty easy because Maya and Orchid can fight up close pretty well.

Before going on that big of a tangent remember what weaknesses they have behind them.

the devs likely feel that the other characters are likely alright now, so maybe that’s why the devs haven’t touched them yet.

You are making the mistake of believing damage is the only thing that makes a character good.

Get that thought out of your mind ASAP.


Never said that… What I actually meant to say is that when I play against this kind of characters I have to make an extra effort because the damage difference. And I feel that if you compare Maya’s damage with Glacius s there is a huge^2 difference between them. Glacius damage still untouched after almost every single update…

And as Maya you notice a lot the damage difference especially when you playing against a high level Glacius or Tusk, at the point it becomes UNFAIR. Why do I have to make 3 combos to equal the damage you do with just one? They say KI is a balanced game but…

Because Glacius doesn’t have the mobility and pressure Maya has. He’s not going to open someone up as easily or as often as Maya will so he has to make his fewer openings count.


I understand you, I’m also a Maya main and chars like Glacius, Gargos, Tusk are a pain in the ■■■. My match-ups against then are always something like 6-4 or 7-3 in their favor, but honestly, I think we can’t always have the advantage in every match-up against the cast, that’s why they are not touched.

About the IG being focused in small things, all I think is they look down upon some big consensual discussions here in forums. But there is nothing we can do. Their game, their rules.

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shrug Just trying to help.


We all have troubled math ups, that’s inevitable, you guys should ask for some advice around here if that helps.

It’s actulaly not that much more work than fighting another character. The real tricky part is getting through Glacius defences. Once you can do that and keep him close to you, He’s done for.

If damage difference is the issue it’d mean nothing if you can’t even keep hitting him, even if Maya did the amount of damage you wanted.

As an Omen main I understand were you are coming from…I dont understand it either. So many characters have a plethora of tools and damage. I just dont get it but what do you do? You can either stick with your character or join the upper tier bandwagon. Its up to you.

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Luckily for you, you’re doing both.

Come at me bro :sunglasses:


See, this right here makes no sense, taking into account you just clearly stated you didn’t believe damage was what made characters good.

You have to land three combos in order to equal the damage a hard hitting character does with one (which isn’t actually true at all, Maya’s damage output isn’t all that low =P) because if you play your character right you’ll have three times the chances of oppening your opponent up, compared to Glacius or Tusk.

It’s because KI is a balanced game that it works like that. If damage was normalized but tools weren’t, balance would be broken.

Bottom line is: if you want high damage, play a high damage character. If you want good movement and offensive options play a more mobile and versatile character. In either case, learn how to optimize your combos, because there’s not nearly as big of a gap as you seem to think there is between damage outputs.


1000% THIS!

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There will never be real balance unless want to go the SSB way you know “No items,Final Destination, Fox only”

lol you talk about balanced smash? An interesting point but KI’s roster is still way more balanced than Smash. even though I do enjoy smash from time to time (despite the roster a tad over-run with a certain game character group with 1/2 of that group playing the literal same)

The point is, Players can pick them up and find crazier stuff to do with them.

I don’t think those nerfs will slow Orchid or Maya down. I main Fulgore and the max-spin speed thing was finally punted by the devs, but you don’t see me complaining. And you’re talking to a guy who mained the murder bot since season 1, so we all get our turn.

So you have to hit the enemy with a normal for your flik-flak juggles now, should not be a problem. : p

Hell even I think the Kan-Ra mains have alot more reason to share their beef, though the most devout will always get their characters strengths up and running.

Plus like @Skryba said, which was pretty much on the nail in my opinion.

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Omen is not top tier… if he was then there would be real proof, not paper stats proof. Until he is made a top contender my some great player…he isnt there yet.

Well just because a character doesn’t have the tournament results doesn’t mean they’re not good. Fulgore didn’t place well in any tournaments (sans the Thunder counterpick at evo) until Nicky, that doesn’t mean Fulgore magically became the best character in the game because he picked him. Heck, back in S2 people would actually say they didn’t think Fulgore was the best character in the game because no one had tournament success with him despite S2 Fulgore being straight up OP compared to S3 Fulgore who has placed well in tournaments.Not saying Omen is best character in the game material though, but he’s definitely up there.

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Im not saying he isnt GOOD…I also never mentioned Omen as being bad. I only agreed with the OPs statement.
Im not here for an argument or debate on what my opinion is on the matter.

Bottom line…there is no proof that Omen is Top 3 or top tier. Its all a matter of opinion. My opinion is he is not top 3.
Top 3 IMO is Aria, Fulgore, and Glacius

There is no proof about Fulgore is top 3, and still most people agree about him being top 3 best char in the game. Omen is commonly seen as a very powerful character.

Damage is only an attribute. The sum of all is what makes better or worse a character.

Funny enough, Aria and Fulgore, 2 of your top 3 chars. Both are below average in terms of damage. Just to name someone, Raam has good damage but a lot of people consider him low tier.

Damage is a key factor, but not more important than mixup potential, defense mobility,to name some

And thats your opinion and I have mine. I could care less about arguing over it or debating or whatever. You guys always have to come it groups to say people are wrong. Its quite annoying. I responded to the OP, I didnt create a thread or post HEY EVERYONE!!!

Omen is not top 3 in my opinion and thats that. I dont need you to try to convince me.