At the end of the day, I have to say I have noticed some changes with the meter and stuff, I’m not getting full meter as frequently as I use to before they fixed it. Doesn’t make it any sour though, this was honestly the nerf that hurt the least for me. Especially since it didn’t hurt nearly as bad as the h-laser nerf in season2 (granted it was understandably needed)

However I think Fulgore is fine where he is. Now, everything else I feel is possible to circumvent. It’s inevitable that people WILL have their worst match ups. With so many characters on the roster you’re not gonna be able to balance against ALL of them. You guys all seem to have issues with Fulgore, talk to some Fulgore players willing to help you.

Otherwise if you’re all just salty because of the nerfs give it a few more days and try new tactics.